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    Hi there, my name is Anthony, and I'm brazilian, I've been looking for a mustang fastback to restore and need some tips, since in Brazil, mustangs are not an specialty, they were not popular, altough very respected, I couldn't find someon to guide me through the restoration points that I might miss

    Since it will be my very first car (I use my family's car to work and go to college) and I think I might spend some 5 good years restoring it I thought asking for help would save me a lot of trouble

    so, after this brief introduction I'll go straight to the point


    What sould I look for in a restore project? I know that I will certainly need to change the engine, breaks, wheels, tires, the stick (yes I wanna use a stick) and some other things, but my question is, does the restoring the metal outside the vehicle part is satisfatory? I mean, if I get one with holes, and some "soil" missing, would it be dangerous to restore it? and the results on the outside part of the vehicle would be good looking?

    just a heads up of what i intend to do, http://images.rottentomatoes.com/images/features/fastandfurious/ff3-8.jpg

    that's the outside job that I intend to do

    some other questions

    can i replace the carburator for an eletronic injection?
    is there any upgrades I must do in it so it would consume less gas, or improve the performance without afecting the consume?
    any other tips will be more than greatefully read

    thanks ahead


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