SOLD Nitrous Kit - $400 Plus Shipping To Actual Address

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Skystang, Sep 18, 2013.

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    This was removed off of a recently purchased 2004 Mach 1. Kit is used and is described to the best of my ability. Kit has factory harness/wires to plug up to all components. Stainless steal braded lines, Digital Window switch, two 10lb NX Nitrous Express bottles that were pushing 100 shots each. Both in perfect condition with mounting straps or clamps for securing to trunk/floor pans. 2 Step FORD Modular Launch Control System, FORD Racing Tach-Driver but without the actual Tachometer. Intake Manifold Spacer. There is a little bit of rub mark/ware on the stainless braded line and only on the braded line and not on the internal line (where it was run through the trunk/floor pan). All items were fully operational when removed. I bought this car for my son in May 2013. System was put on by previous owner and we never used it. Was removed within days as I didn't want my son to be in this kind of danger thus we detuned the car.............. really. I have feedback on eBay under porterfm with 100 percent positive feedback and I think about 16 years or so now. I have bought one item on here and was a flawless transaction. I will take PAYPAL or US Postal Money Orders. I'm located in Colorado Springs, CO 80922 and will ship at your dime and UPS is preferred as they are very close by. Please send a email via STANGNET and I'll check nightly if not sooner.

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