Spring Cleaning time for your Ford Mustang!

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    Being as today is the first day of Spring, we figured we would kick off the season with a round of cleaning both at home and in the shop. We’re already making steps to getting things torn down and sorted out for Project 86 (pictured). Now THAT is clean, right? This project and our latest Survivor find, an 1986 Ford Mustang GT, are going to keep us plenty busy over the next several months…and we’re completely fine with that!
    Project 86 is going to take some painstaking effort and time to get to full-state, but it’s got nothing on the amount of blood, sweat, and tears we poured into Built to Cruise, that’s for sure! This time around, we’re going to be “chill” about this Mustang project, and keep it calm…hopefully. With the help of Late Model Restoration and TMI Products, Project 86 should turn out well enough to turn heads in a classy manner on the stead of a flashy “look at me” attitude.
    So let’s hear it–what do you guys & gals have in store for Spring cleaning projects or updates?
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    I basically am undertaking a similar project with my 96 Cobra allbeit for other reasons as well. I have completely gutted the entire interior minus the dash pieces to install dynamat and dynaliner to help with road noises and keeping the music in the car. I was even able to pull the headliner down without tearing it apart to put it under the roof which I am anticipating will help a ton. Next up is installing all new stereo goodies and then the interior goes back. I'd love to swing some TMIproducts but unfortunately the budget is going to speakers at the moment.

    I should mention that I have gotten some stuff from @late model restoration to restore some of the parts that were on their way out such as door lock switches. Some goodies from CJ pony parts as well.
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    This project is making me think of getting my own personal 86. Haha

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