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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by crutch, May 21, 2008.

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    Ok on most cars here's what we do....adjust the MSD to get like 30deg of full swing into them....is this possible on my 86 with my STOCK dist? Also I've got my base set at 14deg, heard that was a safe number. (Yes I pulled the spout I'm a Dodge tech) no pinging but I'm running quality 91 octane fuel and Lucas octane boost. Ok so question time....I've set up race motors untill I get a real silent ping then take 2 deg out. Can I bring my 5.0 higher than 14deg at base or am I asking for trouble? Just added a MAC off road h-pipe....guy needed money bad (bought it for $70!!!!), and to that added single case Spin Techs, dead silent insde in the freeweay!!!! Huge difference as did the timing a few weeks back.....if I can sneak more base timing into it without damaging it, awesome, great....if not it's no big deal. Also can I re-curve it like and MSD?....you know change the springs and bushings to make it swing more and faster?:shrug: Thanks for the help guys!!! P.S. I'm collection parts fof my mass air conversion :rock: