What exactly do I need to convert mine to 5.0

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by terramir, Nov 10, 2004.

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    i have a 86 4cyl coupe that i am looking to swap my efi 302 into it.
    what i have for the swap already
    302 efi, mass air mustang wiring harness i am unsure of the year of it(i can send you pics if you want to help me figure that out.), v8 fuel pump, v8 radator, v8 aod, i have a 02 harness i beleave to be from the same car as the wiring harness, i have a a9p computer, throttle cable, 8.8 rear, v8 front brakes and i have one spindle. and maby a few other odd and ends im not thinking about.
    what i know i need.
    v8 fuel lines, v8 rear brake lines if i run tail pipes.

    my question is will the 4 cyl interior wiring work with the v8 engine wiring? if i need to change some pins in the ecu wiring i can do that. thank you for your help.
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    Wiring incompatible...swap entire harness headlights to tail lights with 86 gt only harness or splice in. Your efi computer harness.

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