One Sure way to Blow Up that Classic Mustang Engine

Please LIKE my Facebook, if my videos are useful to you: It seems like a really basic thing, but many people dont really know how bad not changing oil can affect your engine. Watch this video while Chris "the Doc" Ingrassia shows you first hand what sludge will do to your engine. Mustang Restoration, Inc. is one of the largest restorers of the classic Ford Mustang in the country and is owned by Chris "the Doc" Ingrassia. Chris and is crew of skilled surgeons have been keeping the classic Ford Mustang out of America's junkyards for over 30 years! To see more videos like this one make sure that you watch "the Doc" and the gang on the web's only 30 min bi-weekly show dedicated to the Ford Mustang. Chris will show you real, concrete ways to save money doing restoration projects yourself! As well as bits of life in the shop (Mustang Restoration, Inc.), product reviews, interviews and a whole lot of other Ford Mustang swag. Operation Mustang ( bi-weekly on Sundays 9:30am CST. Check the site for showtimes. All episodes archived for your convenience.

theStangDoc, Apr 1, 2012