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  1. G

    For Sale 1999 Mustang GT Leather Seats

    I have two leather mustang GT seats. The leather on the driver side has seen better days but sadly that is how they were when I got the car. Tried to take as good of care of them as possible though. Power seat works just fine, just took it out of the car Sunday. Looking to get $120 OBO. Located...
  2. A

    2020 Mustang GT Alarm Problems

    Hi, I bought a brand new 2020 Ford Mustang GT in February. Thirty days went by without any problems, I drove 1200 miles. The car was always kept in a dark, safe and locked garage. After thirty days, the car’s alarm suddenly went off, without any external input (I wasn’t even in the garage)...
  3. P

    Engine [HELP]Engine Removal Questions

    How hard is it to drop a new long block 4.6l into a 2001 Mustang GT. I have some nasty bottom end rod knocks and just would rather put a new engine in myself. I know I'll need to get an engine cherry picker, and probably some new tools but I have a lot of tools available to me. My question is...
  4. S

    2006 3v roush M90 coolant disappearing

    Recently did new coils and spark plugs. Upon inspection I noticed I didn’t have any coolant in my reservoir for my heat exchanger. Therefore added some royal purple ice and proceeded to drive it and noticed misfires and fluttering as if combustion was effected. I checked the coolant and it’s...
  5. N

    Mustang tumbler gets stuck in certain positions

    Hey, so i have recently bought a 2004 mustang gt and when i turn the key to start the car, it gets stuck in the start position. It takes a good amount of effort to get it to the on position. It also gets stuck after turning the car off, while holding the release its difficult to turn the key to...
  6. A

    Mustang gt 2001 mach 460, want a double din with Apple CarPlay

    Hey, Im looking for a fairly cheap stereo with apple carplay that fits my mustang without too many modifications. Understand I need a couple of harnesses and do my own wiring. Any suggestions? A link to the parts I need and procedure would be helpful. There’s a bunch of threads explaining how...
  7. T

    Questions about power steering delete!! Need help!!

    Ok so I have a 01 mustang gt that I’ve done a ac delete on and I’m wanting to do get rid of the ps as well. It’s not a daily. The car will be trailered so I don’t care about not having the ps. I know I have to switch to manual breaks which I am in the process of doing. But my question is. Do I...
  8. M

    For Sale FS: 2000 Mustang GT Track Car / 62k Miles / 5k on Motor / Full Roll Cage / California / $5,000 OBO

    For sale: 2000 Ford Mustang GT track car. Clean title, no accidents. Asking $5,000 OBO. Located in NorCal. Already fully set up, this car handles better on track than I ever thought possible. It’s faster and more fun than anything else for the money, and the welded-in roll cage with seats and...
  9. White85fox

    New from Idaho

    1985 mustang gt owner from Idaho, just joining the stangnet fam. This is my second fox and right now it is bone stock ready for goodies this summer.
  10. Lavish5.0

    New guy in Nor Cal w/ 2015 Mustang GT

    Hey, my name's Gabe I'm 19 years old and own a 2015 Mustang GT in deep impact blue. Can't wait to hear about everyone's unique builds on here!
  11. 1990gsp

    SOLD FOR SALE / 2012 (Kona Blue) Mustang GT Premium / Atlanta GA

    2012 Mustang GT, Kona blue, 6 speed, black leather, premium package w/ brembo brakes and appearance package, Shaker 1000 sound system, Boss 302 front fascia, Saleen grill, California Special rear spoiler and bumper, California Special rear surround, JLT cold air intake, Boss 302 valve covers...
  12. A

    How should I go about getting to 600hp?

    I have a vortech supercharged 2006. It's pushing 460 to the wheels and 450 tq. I want to get it to around 600, however, I know there are measures I need to take before then. I was wondering if these steps were reasonable. On 10psi from 3.6 pulley. Long Tube headers and X pipe in a two weeks...
  13. A

    Wrench Light Mustang GT

    I have 2006 Mustang GT with a Vortech supercharger. It's pushing 460 whp and 455 tq. It was seeming off a couple weeks ago, jerking around in the lower gears like a wild bull. I then installed an air raid throttle body spacer to add a little more throttle response. I was getting a wrench light...
  14. DudeStang

    “Mystery Mufflers” vs. Roush Axle Backs - Exhaust Comparison

    I picked up these axle backs second hand a few months back. Nobody really seemed to know where they came from (seller wasn’t sure either) so I’ve started calling them the “mystery mufflers”. This past weekend I installed them on my 2014 GT and made a video of the install and a sound comparison...
  15. CompOrangeMustang

    96'GT Auto Swap To 04'V6

    hey im new to the forums but anyways , i have a 96 gt thats an auto and i aslo have a 04 v6 5speed thats knocking really bad . the 96 is a donor car my uncle couldnt keep because it has no title. what is my best option ? Also what all so i need to switch over . its a full car so i have every...
  16. DudeStang

    Progress Thread Finally got my first Fox Body - 1988 GT

    I've wanted a fox body for a long time. The first Mustang I ever rode in was a fox body. The first Mustang I ever drove was a fox body. I’ve been a huge fan of these cars since I was a teenager and always wanted to own one. I also wanted a project car that I could tinker with and build up and...
  17. Foxbody1988

    Engine Camshaft questions and supercharger

    Want to slap a supercharger on my 1988 foxbody but I have some questions. i have a Crower stage 3 camshaft. Specs Lobe Separation of112 Intake lift .112 Exhaust lift .131 I got it from a buddy, and I was doing some research on it and I noticed it said not compatible with computer controller...
  18. G

    96 GT cranking but won’t start

    I just recently got a 96 gt and it’s having an issue where it will crank fine but not start. I tested the battery and alternator and they are putting out plenty of power. The fuel pumps are also working as they should. The guy I bought it from said that when he got the car the previous owner...
  19. BMan5150

    Test drove a 2019 GT automatic today

    I was very impressed with the car overall and the automatic transmission. In fact, the biggest reason I wanted to test drive one was to see how the automatic was. I probably went into it with a slight expectation that I’d dislike it, but I thought it was great! The one I test drove had the...
  20. Hudson N

    Should it run with IAC unplugged? 04 gt

    I've been having surging issues for a couple of months now. I replaced my IAC and checked for vacume leaks and tested my TPS. The surge is only slight. Maybe 25-50 rpm when its warm and on a real cold start it surges quite a bit for about a minute before smoothing out. I've done a reset and I've...