Oct.21 2013 1967 Shelby mods, done by Shelby American

what Shelby did to a mustang body to become a Shelby mustang

  1. Oct 23 2013 tail lights and tail panel

    horse sence
    Picture 008.jpg Picture 003.jpg _MG_3956.JPG _MG_3955.JPG _MG_3954.JPG _MG_3962.JPG _MG_3960.JPG _MG_3957.JPG Picture 008.jpg Picture 003.jpg _MG_3956.JPG _MG_3955.JPG _MG_3954.JPG the tail lights were 67-68 Cougar . mustangs tail light were removed .
    long openings were cut in the steel tail panel for the Cougar lights to fit through and they were not cut clean ,they were just simply cut out with what looks like an air chisel .the first Shelby i worked on still had the coil of metal from the cutter still attached to the metal panel.the tail light mounted in a special can that pop riveted to the tail panel .the fiberglass panel then screwed on the out side .the lenses were next and the whole unit was sandwiched together by the tail light trim. the studs for the trim came through the can inside the trunk .there were two sets of holes, one set for the tail lights them selves and the other set was the outer trim ring.
    the trunk lid bumper was moved to the tail panel .it was simply a hood adjuster .67 -70s all had this and if you want to get a good alignment on the trunk lid i would use these.
    i dont have a pic of the tail panel off but it is very thin . i also do not have pics a real 67 trunk lid but the bottom of the lid was rough fiberglass not smooth .i hope to get some pics later and add them .
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