1. M

    SN95 Car modifications with Nationwide Insurance?

    (1994 V6 mustang, stock) For starters, I'm a young adult (ie. with a job, but still on the rest of the family's insurance), with a clean record, living in CA, with liability only insurance. I keep looking it up, and keep finding people talking about insuring their modifications, but not...
  2. Habu135

    What's it Worth? '93 Cobra

    I got a lead on a '93 Cobra for sale. Black with black cloth. Less than 30k original miles. All original, no mods. No sunroof/engine block heater. What do you think it's worth?
  3. N

    Engine Top End Opinions

    So I am about to start modifications soon, trying to decide between the Trick Flow Track heat stage 2 kit or piece together an Edelbrock RPM2 and Edelbrock parts mimic the Trick Flow kit. What are your thoughts?
  4. annchen

    1968 Convertible With 1996 Gt Disc Brakes...?

    Hello folks, I'm brand new to the Forum, and have had my Mustang now for about five years. I recently came into a heap of parts, for a nice deal, and have jumped the car forward a bit in the total restoration process. Just to keep everyone on the same page, I have a 1968 Mustang Convertible...
  5. J

    Looking To Tune The Gt

    hey guys, I have recently modified my car since i have purchased it i believe back in Jan of this year. List of modifications done to the car 2002 Mustang GT 173k exedy stage 1 clutch SR Performance CAI 70MM BBK throttle body 75MM Professional Products Plenum (is it normal to hear a whistle do...
  6. V

    Paint and Body Creating A Hood Scoop (non Functioning) On 2004 V6

    Hello. I have a stock 2004 Mustang V6. And I am looking to modify my hood with either a scoop or another design, just to change the look of the car. Any advice or ideas to do so? I know you can buy separate hoods online, and I am okay doing so. But if I can modify the one I have now, I would...