0-110 mph acceleration in a blown 2v

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  1. I was originally trying to capture a stutter during high-rpm shifting to show my tuner. It didn't happen this time, but made for an amusing video. Sorry for the beep-beep, but my camera hand was resting on the steering wheel for steadiness, and the beeps happened when I shifted into 2nd.

    This was filmed in China.


  2. Thanks, corrections made on OP
  3. It only takes me two gears to get up to that speed with four more gears to go :shrug:
  4. haha, you wish! :rolleyes:
  5. Well, I can def hit 90 at the top of second... Hang on I will verify and be right back :)
  6. ^6500RPMs should be around 80MPH MAX in 2nd...and even if you could do what you claim, it would take alot longer to do it even still :p .
    A 440RWHP GT will blow a stock terminator off the road :)

    NICE vid tony! you can definatly see the power increase VERY rapidly as you wind it out :)
  7. A 4v revs up to 6800, but i still dont think 110mph can be done in a stock terminator by 2nd gear either. And a blown 2v w 440 rwhp will definately blow a stock terminator off the road easily. I cant wait till i get my Mach blown, because I will be blowin em both off the road. A modded terminator though, thats a different story.
  8. There is always going to be someone faster.
  9. So Killy did you do your road test yet to see what 2nd gear does?

    And I though the 03-04 cobras had the rev limiter set a bit lower? 6500red line vs the 6800 red line of the 99-01 cobras and machs. I believe the N/A 4vs limit at around 7000RPM, so maybe the 03/04s limit at 6700-6800. Because im not 100% sure I just used the red line...most cobra owners dont take it any higher than that anyways.
  10. Nah, maybe later... I cannot really leave my kids alone. As hard as this is to believe I was just talking shiot :) Probably the first time that has ever happened on a car forum...

    I am pretty sure I have hit 90 at the top of second. Maybe I will verify that on the way to work tomorrow :rlaugh:

    Anyways, I hit the boost bypass before I hit the rev limiter. Both SUCK. I cannot wait to get a custom tune and turn off the boost bypass. Usually when I hit them it catches me by surprise because my attention is elsehwhere... Like the other day when an Aurora with a loud exhaust tried to race me... He got :owned: but I did bounce the limiter :( He was long gone by then however....
  11. Then again, most cobra owners know how to drive and don't try to hit 90 in 2nd...

    :D jk
  12. Well, sometimes you just rev it until you see the loser in your mirror, its hard to be aware of it ALL. A shift light would be good...
  13. I dunno about Kilgore, but most Cobra owners in my area think theyre the S**t. They think they can never lose. Cobras are badass, but theyre not unbeatable, in stock trim especially. What alot of them forget is that theyre car weighs about 300 lbs more than GT's & machs, and that IRS hurts em alot in a race.

    They will blow a a stock GT out the water & will beat a stock Mach. But a blown mach will put out about 465 rwhp on approx. 8 lbs of boost, while the terminator @ 8lbs is only puttin out like 375 rwhp. Factor in the extra weight & the IRS, the terminator is goin down. :nono:

    Too bad most Cobras arent stock though.:bang:
  14. Meh, you still shouldnt have to worry THAT much. As long as they dont have an extra or aftermarket powerader, you should be fine.
    I pulled a pullied (2.8 W/ 2 pound lower) & ported, FULL bolton, 03 cobra on Drs at the track in houston. Guy said he made 493RWHP...but that seemed low to me. Could have been a mustang dyno though. But in any case I got him off the line and kept pulling all the way down the track :D .
    You should be able to do the same once your super charged IMO.
  15. Everyone feels that way about their car. I had a douche in a Saab hassling me today that thought he was fast. He was behind me tailgating and dropping back and revving up. I did a brakestand at two lights he finally got tired of being spewed with rubber and gravel and turned off. God f'n help him if he had tried to pass me...

    No matter what everyone thinks their car is the best... Especially if they paid a lot for it. I really do not think this is just true of Cobra owners.
  16. A buddy of mine with a 03 Mach is doing a Cobra Eaton conversion on his car this week. I know many people recomend not doing this swap, but he knows what hes doing, & he has all the parts to do it. I cant wait to see how it goes.

    Cobra owners will probably laugh because they quickly get rid of their stock eaton for the KB or Whipple, but hes gettin all the parts for next to nuthin. With the higher compression of the Mach motor, the stock Cobra eaton should produce some nice numbers.
  17. :eek: :jaw: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    :rlaugh: J/K :D

    boost bypass huh? How and when does that work?
    I assume right before you hit the limiter, it vents all the boost so that the engine isnt still under boost when the EEC cuts fuel to limit the engine? Maybe im wrong...but thats my guess :shrug:
  18. Local guy did that conversion. I believe its a ported blower, but teh guy is only running the stock pulley (8.5PSI) and he puts down 470RWHP. I dont blame him for not going anymore...the heat put out with anything much higher would turn into a blown motor in no time with tha machs compression :( Good thing is that with that compression they make GREAT power at low boost.
  19. I dunno, it cuts power bad... There are various ways to disable it, the consensus is to do it through the tune. There is lots of info on it on SVTP if you search for "boost bypass mod"