0-140 2011 GT

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by joshgotamustang, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. What is the 0-140 time in a 2011 GT?
  2. What? Why? Who cares? I'm sure you can find a 0-140 run somebody did on youtube.
  3. to see one yes, but whats wrong with a little bit of curiosity?
  4. You can see it on youtube, then time it.......they even got a handy little red time bar on the bottom that can help you.
  5. you know for someone with that attitude, i dont think you are the kind of person that should be on a forum with a guy that asked a simple question you couldnt answer. Instead of being a douche, why not learn when to keep your mouth shut:stupid:
  6. Josh, I might be wrong, but it seemed to me that rather than attitude he was giving you a way to find out what you're interested in. Sure he stated that he wasn't personally interested, but that seems fair. Ultimately find a youtube run, use a stop watch to determine time. TA DA!!! Who knows there may be no 2011 mustangs available on video. Anyway, I hope that you can find what you're interested in.
  7. how many different mustang forums have you asked this question on? :jaw:

    look in the mirror, want not douche not..

    beers :beer: