01-04 Bullitt wheels for s197 snow tires?

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  1. Guys - I have a set of '01-04 Mustang Bullitt wheels that I would like to use on an '07 GT to mount some snow tires to make swaping them in and out easier.

    I know the backspacing/offest is different, but is it enough that it matters? The wheels obviously would only be used 3-4 months out of the year and smaller tires (width) = better in the snow, but will the wheels work?

  2. yep, should be fine for winter tires, unless you are lowered. if you are lowered, you will have to check for clearance. they will stick out a little, but for only winter, should not bother you too much. much better than buying new wheels or needing to swap tires out.
  3. they will fit better than the stock wheels. Put the snow tires on the stockers and use the old ones for everyday use.:D
  4. cool thanks! I'll get some tires put on them :D
  5. Don't forget about your Tire Pressure Monitoring System....the 07's have sensors inside the rims. Without sensors on your old rims, you'll get a warning light. And the sensor are still pretty expensive.
  6. If you can live with the error light you wont need it. It isn't really necessary.
  7. Good point! I forgot about it, I since I already have the set of wheels (free!) I really can't justify buying another set only to get the light out... I guess I will just live with it unless I find a good deal on some takeoff's to trade/sell my '04's...
  8. trade the bullitts for some other S197 wheels+cash. You can probley get enough to pay for your snow tires. It would be a shame to waste a desirable set of wheels on winter duty.
  9. Cool I didn't know they went for that much... got the set I have in trade when I picked up my '66 Mustang

    Any idea how much should I be asking for them? I'll probably put them on craigslist or something... 2 wheels have decent Nitto555R 255 45 17"s and other 2 are balding Good Years
  10. sorry to hijack this thread

    but my brother has an 07 GT and me and him were thinking of getting a set of deep dish bullits for the track only to put drag radials on. I have an 04 GT and we are gong to share them. Now my question is would those work on his car or would they be too wide? oh and they are going to be 315s out back