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  1. So picked up this 01 v6 with a cracked pass side exhaust manifold, got some coated bbk headers installed on it and sure enough the exhaust leak ticking didn't go away... So not really sure if I have a valve problem or something as easy a exhaust leak somewhere... Any idea guys?
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  2. Mine does the same thing. When I press the clutch the chirping goes away which Iv been told is the throw out bearing. But there is that ticking / knocking noise still. Which I had a answer for you. Hopefully someone cAn help us out
  3. If you look sometimes the connection at the y under the car the nuts will get loose from the constant hearing and cooling and that may be the source of your leak. That's what is was on my car.
  4. Messinger I have a friend with a 99 GT and his car was doing the same and I think he had worn all of the teeth off the clutch plate.
  5. Welcome to the forums ToucanSam, unfortunately most of your replies are on outdated posts from quite a few months/years ago.
  6. I believe number 2 rod is notorious for spinning then hammering under light throttle or a load,i know this is an old post but maybe you can use this information at a later date

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