03 cobra Upgrade pullie?

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  1. Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it... I was told by southfloridapulleyhq.com that if I got the 3.1 pullie I wont need a tune and I dont need the plugs. But Do you think its worth it to only get the 3.1, I originally wanted the 2.9.... How much extra Hp will I get for an aditional 3-4 PSI?
  2. :cheers: It,s a little hard to figure out what you already have done to your car to little info. here,s a start straight thru cai,PHP steeda , major name catback i.e magnaflow ,steeda, borla(stinger) 2.93 pulley and a predator tuner. You don,t need a chip with a predator can do your on tune. Also with a 2.93 you may not need a new belt.
  3. You probably can get away without a tune with just a 3.1 but why change the pulley for just a 3.1 and why chance it???? Get a 2.90 or 2.93, great bump in power. Stay away from the predator unless that is your only option. Im not saying the predator is bad but it is not near perfect. You seem to be a little on the concervative side and if you have concerns just get a real tune. As far as the ngk's being an issue I have never heard that one before except in incorrect applications, they are 1 step colder than the factory plugs. 3-4 psi is a very noticeable jump in power when tuned properly.
  4. I have to agree here..
    we currently run tr6 in every stang in our garage.
    the densos will blow out UNLESS you upgrade your ignition.
    They have a hotter spark, but not a BiGGER spark, they blow out easire than the stock plugs.{with a pulley increase}
    Densos blew out on our lightning as well above 15 psi.
    The tr6s are the perfrct plug for moderate boost.
    they actually make a tr"9" {call ngk} if you are running REALLY HIGH BOOST, but warm ups take a while before you idle right.
    On our 1996 Cobra:
    stage 3 cams, 20 over, 8.5to1 comp,55lph inj,accel gen7,ati ps1c-r,no imrc,full port work.{498 @ the tire with only 8 lbs of boost}
    When we were tuning, and went to 14 psi, we had densos in it, we thought something was wrong with the gen 7, turned out to just be the plugs.
    TR6 are the 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'nit.
    MAbye u.m. had a problem with them becasue of plug length, some are 1" and some are .5", a shorter plug might have given him a problem...
    Dont know for sure.
    Tr6's are in all my cars though..
  5. I run the 2.93 pulley from SFPHQ and I'm probably one of the few running no chip or Predator tune as well. I do use the Afterburner eFPC though since it allows me to fine tune my air-fuel in 400rpm increments. The biggest issue with this set-up is it cost the same amount of a chip but doesn't deliver the performance in torque that a chip or Predator would since you can't alter the timing curves (other stuff as well I suppose). Actually, it doesn't really increase hp/tq that much, if at all, but allows you tune run a relative safe air-fuel with the smaller pulley's. The torque in my dyno numbers is much less than those with similar mods and a chip. HP is about the same, give or take.

    I also run the TR6's gapped at .030 without issue. I've used Denso's in my past supercharged mustang and really liked those as well.
  6. The 2.8 does not overspin the blower.

    You need a new belt and need to replace the stock 90 MM idlers with 100MM units.
    JDM has the best kit available.
    Tell them you want the setup on "Jim from Superchips" car...
    It kicks butt and no belt slip.
  7. Vic - Can you provide me with something from Eaton that backs up your claim that a 2.80 is not over spinning the M112? I don't want to get in a pissing match over this, but Eaton's website shows the maximum RPM at 14000 on the chart they have posted. A Cobra with a 2.93 inch pulley spins the Eaton to 16915 RPM when the engine is at 6500. The 2.8 pulley would raise this to a little over 17000 RPM's!

    The Lightning guys have been over-spinning the Eaton for a while now with a pretty low failure rate so we know the unit is tough to say the least. I'm just wondering what Eaton says the maximum is?

  8. I believe you are correct in the numbers eaton claims is "safe".

    KNOCK ON WOOD.....
    I've never seen a failure on a 2.8

    Hell, I know a guy who had a 2.7 upper, a 6 LB (steering wheel=o) lower, raced it incessantly and never had a failure. Calculate THAT RPM....LOL! This is a bit silly, but the Eaton is a strong piece.

    2.8 is pretty responsible.
    Those I know who have 2.93's with they had just bought the 2.8
    What's an Eaton cost anyway? Dime a dozen? The risk is so low and the cost is so low I'm not even remotely worried about it.
  9. ...

    nothing but 2.80 pulley and superchip and of course a smaller belt...

    well ok I have my silencer removed and a K+N Drop in.....
    pro 5.0 shifter, drag radials, sub connectors and lin locs....

    I have had this set up for about 6000 miles....mostly racing or driving to and from the track and have had no problems at all.

    :spot: The info I was given by my mechanic who claimed to have talked to a ford or Eaton....responsible for the supercharger was that it is safe....going more than 2.80 is pointless because it wont get you more boost...or it will drop off or your belt will just slip like crazy...

    seems to be true because the people I have seen at the track with all sorts of mods and upper and lower pulleys and idlers (running some ridiculous boost or so they think) and 10 or so other mods are running my time or slower......

    Only people have seen go CONSIDERABLY faster is JDMs car and some guy who was at etown end of the season with a black 03 stripped to down...auto trans, solid rear and the works....... he only ran 11.1 but definetely had a 10 sec car. I think Crazyhorses car is running low 11s too now and I think Chris has almost the same mods he did on my car... not sure what else he has been testing on it though....
  10. There are also a lot of mis-tuned cars out there.
    You are one of those with a good tune and so is JDM.

    An upper lower combo works well at the track with a ported blower, headers, etc....
    You'll see a boost drop after porting and instaling headers but the volume (mass) of air coming in will be larger.This setup can be realy fast. Don't forget your heat exchanger!

    I just think if I was gonna go for that much boost I'd go KB or Whipple.