03 Terminator heads

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  1. T.S.B. 03-11-04 Cylinder head tick:shrug:

  2. Thanks UM. I'll try the Ford dealer this week.

    BTW don't order anything from Treperformance; they sent me an email promising me they were sending out my mid-pipe last Wednesday; needless to say it shipped yesterday:bang: I was looking forward to installing it Friday night. So much for that :nonono: I got the part dirt cheap but it wasn't worth the frustration - lesson learned:bs:

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  3. Hmmm.... Did you PM N2O88 by chance? He's like the owner/operator of Treperformance and visits Stangnet on occasion. Send him a polite and respectful PM and let him know you're not happy with the service provided. Let me know what happens.

  4. Ahh, well I'm over it for the most part. The kid I was dealing with on the phone sounded like a young kid, so I think he had other things on his mind. Plus it was the day before Thanksgiving - he just made a commitment by email it was gonna happen. It just pisses me off when people make empty promises.:nonono:
    Since he is a forum member I will give the place another shot; I need some pads and some steel brake lines next. :nice: I may PM him anyway to make him aware of how his business is operating...
  5. Ford doesn't refer to them as TSB's, they call them SSM's. :nice:

  6. Actually TSBs and SSMs are two different things, the tick started out as a SSM which later became a TSB which is how ford usually does it. Either way ford has had big problems when it comes 4v V8 heads, we replace them on navigators and aviators quite often. TSB 06-05-13