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  1. I have an '04 Cobra (400 Miles on it) and I put a BBK Cold Air kit on it. Nice chrome, but just installing the kit caused the check engine light to come on. I took the car to the dealer and they replaced the MAF Sensor and checked for leaks, but the problem kept coming back. The dealer worked on the car for 4 days trying to diagnose the problem. BBK Suggested resetting the ECU and then letting the car idle for 20 minutes afterwards without touching the throttle. The dealer let the car idle for 2 hours before touching the throttle, but eventually the check engine light kept coming on. I think the MAF was saying the car was getting less air than it was so the engine was running too lean. The dealer's theory was that since the BBK kit removed the screen, the air flow was not correct through the MAF. I don't know if this is the case. I don't know what is different between the '03 and '04 that would cause this behavior.

    I am curious if anyone else has the BBK cold air kit installed on the '04 Cobra without any problems.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a Cold Air kit to use on the '04 that is better than the stock box?

    This week I am installing 4:10 gear and exhaust front to back (BK long tube headers, X-Pipe, Cats, and Magnaflow Catback), for some more kick. The stock tires won't last very long at this rate. I am considering a pully change to a 2.93.

    '04 Cobra SVT Mystichrome Convertible
  2. Heard good things about the JLT & K&N FIPK. Thinking about the JLT CAI myself.
  3. Get the K&N FIPK you will not be sorry. I picked up almost 2 PSI and the sound is great. :nice:
  4. Are both of these out for the '04 Cobra? I couldn't find the K&N FIPK for the '04 Cobra on their website and where can I find info on the JLT? I was hoping someone who had one installed on te '04 could tell me if they have one that works
  5. I've got the WMS CAI on mine. Its a bent tube with the filter in the fender, no screen on the MAF, but the MAF is rotated to account for the bend. No check engine light here.
  6. I went with the K&N FIPK on mine and think it's great. Picked up a bit of boost, and the sound of the blower is just awesome at WOT.

    The filter is HUGE and looks awesome sitting there in the engine bay where the old airbox was. It's not a true "cold air" since it's drawing air from within the engine bay, but once the car is moving it's a moot point anyway. It's also essentially a straight shot to the throttle body......no bends from coming in from the fender well.

    Install was about 30 minutes, with no problems at all. No check engine light, either.
  7. I've got a JLT cai and love it. It outperformed my old DC buy a bunch with my dyno results being on his website. My dyno is right after Jay's (second) under his wetbsites dyno results. IMO, his kits are the best looking as well.
  8. I just received the JLT CAI and I was wondering if it matters which way the MAF electrical connection is aiming? I know on other CAI's, it makes a difference with stalling and running rough. Thanks
  9. Have you checked out the Steeda intake.. I've heard gains of up to 26rwhp.. Might wanna check it out.. www.steeda.com.
  10. Do you know what the code was? It can't be the screen being removed.

    If you plan on anything close to 470 rwhp you may want to rethink the 4.10's. I installed mine when I had 410 rwhp. They were right for that power. But after a upgrading the pulley from a 2.93 to a 2.80 and then adding a four pound lower, the 4.10's became to low. On the stock F1's I could roast the tires at 50 mph with throttle. All I had to do was mash on it and it would lay down rubber. On some cooler days and smooth pavement, I could spin the tires in third going 80 mph by mashing on it.

    Another problem was at the track. I was crossing the line on an 1/8 in third gear well over 7k rpm and the same revs in fourth on a 1/4 mile track. I dropped to 3.90's. Right now I'm at 503 rwhp SAE and 550 rwt. I put on a set of 17x10 AFS wheels and 315 BFG KD's. These are heavy and a lot softer than the F1's. I can still light them up in second going 50 mph with the 3.90's. The only way I say 4.10's is with the stock pulley. I plan on a KB in a few months and I'm swapping out the 3.90's to 3.73's. Even the 3.90's may be too much around 500 rwhp on the street but on the track with ET Streets they are about right. My best 60 footer so far is 1.52 with a 1.60 average.

    To me, a straight through filter is the best. I think a 9 inch Powerstack is the best set up and is one of the cheapest. You can get it from S. Fla. Pulley or Anderson Motorsports. That's what I have on mine and my buddy has it on both of the 03's he owns.
  11. I have to agree with Yellow Horse on the gears and CAI. 4.10's are too low for this car. The 3.90 seems to be the perfect ratio for 1/4 mile. What are your RPM's in 4th through the traps with those 3.90's?

    As for the CAI keep it simple and stick with a straight through design. Easy to install, inspect, and maintain.

  12. I put on the K&N, I didn't want to deal with a inside the fender type, or I would of went with the JLT. The K&N is a very easy install & well worth the $. I didn't pick up any boost, but I was already over 9 psi stock & it stayed that way after the K&N.

    BTW, I had more boost than a '03 owner that had the JLT at a dyno day I went to a caouple of weeks ago. My mods are the CAI & a catback, his were the cai & bassani CB & catted X pipe.
  13. All 03's don't have the same boost levels. Plus he had a X pipe which helps air flow and can lower boost levels.
    If you can make the same hp#'s with lower boost levels your more efficant.

    When I had just the JLT and Bassani catted X and cat back I had 426 RWHP!!!
  14. Yep, there is some variance with these cars for sure. Hope you didn't think I was slamming your product, I wasn't. Like I said, if I wanted that type of setup I would have bought yours.
  15. you have a PM..
  16. I just installed the Steeda CAI on mine. The gains were felt immediatly.
    SOTP. The blower sounds great now, car is without a doubt quicker. The
    install was easy and it looks great. Unit sits in the engine bay and has a
    nice heat shield around it. This is a must mod. As someone said earlier, these
    cars come from the factory breathing thru a straw. Next is the exhaust. :D
    I do have one question. The factory screen is not used on the Steeda set
    up, is that true for the other CAI's? I talked to someone at Steeda and they
    said I should not have any problems. :shrug: I just hope I don't lean out on
    the top end. I have heard that could be a problem. :( All in all a great mod
    for $180. :banana:
  17. I installed the JLT CAI, mated to the K&N FIPK. A little bit of a PITA to put on, but it works and looks great IMO. The only problem I had was not being able to get the heat shield in, it will have to be cut to fit.

  18. I have a steeda in my 03 cobra and luv it :nice: it seems to compliment the borla stingers and with diablo sport tune it rocks.I think a pulley might be in the works since my 315 drag radials on 17by10.5s are on there way :banana: