'04 SOHC Swap Into '96 GT HELP!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ScottPuddintane, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. I just bought a '04 GT engine to put into my '96 GT. :shrug:

    What do I need to do this swap? What parts do I buy? What do I switch over from my '96? What about exhaust? Ignition? Timing Cover? Accessories?

    Thanks! :nice:
  2. ECU. and u need someone to override PATS code in ECU?
  3. is it a complete engine, why are you asking about timing cover...?
  4. You just have to use your fuel rails from the 96', as well as your alternator, starter, coil paks and sensors. You'll also need to tap the aluminum intake crossover for the second temp sensor.
  5. oh if u use it as long block, then i guess u don't need to worry about ECU and PATS code then
  6. tomustang.... I'm asking about the timing cover because the '04 cover is badly cracked and because I was "thinking" I might need the '96 timing cover so my accessories would bolt up. Can I use the '96 cover at all? The engine is NOT complete... it did not come with starter, alternator, power steering pump, A/C. I did buy the alternator that was on the motor..... but do I need it?

    mity2..... I do not have the ECU. "Someone" told me I don't need it & just use my coil pack ignition... is this wrong?

    Canadastang..... Do I need the '96 or '04 alternator? (I have both right now). Where is a good place to tap the second (& third) water temp. sensor hole? I have a mechanical gage too. "Somewhere" I heard about tapping into the thermostat housing... or putting in a "T". What's everyone's opinion on these things?

    Is there not difference on timing covers? The guy at the salvage yard says the two covers show up on his computer as being different.

    Does anyone know a good SOHC to SOHC swap link?
  7. You don't need another ECU, yours will be fine, although a tune is always a good idea.
    Use your 96' alternator, but use the 04' bracket.
    You can tap into the thermostat housing but the there isn't much metel thickness there so be very very careful if you do. Some lazy people have used a T-fitting [can't think of who it was off hand :scratch: :D ] that have worked really well, others have had problems with inaccurate readings and air bubbles with the T-fitting.
    I can't remember anything odd with the timing cover, your 96' should work.