05 GT Center Cap On Stock Bullit Wheels

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  1. Has anyone found a company or website that sells a replacement for the ford logo center cap on the stock 05 bullit wheels for the GT. I'm looking for either a running pony or maybe a cobra logo center cap.

    If you've found them and purchased post website address and price. I tried to search 05 Mustang Bullit Center Cap with no returns, seems like I saw them somewhere on ebay at one time.

    Any help appreciated...........
  2. are you talking about the polished aluminum or the painted rims sorry im not sure wich one the bullits are if your looking for the polished aluminum center caps with runing horse here is the part # Ford part number.
    6R3Z 1130 E tell them it is an 06 part the price is like 30 dollar each unless you can get it at salesmans price the it like 16 each hope this helps
  3. I am also interested in this. I would like to get a Cobra Emblem for mine
  4. 05 GT Bullit Center Wheel Caps

    Mine our the stock Bullit Wheels they are grey high gloss painted not the polished aluminum. If there is a cobra center out there and anyone knows about it, give me a heads up
  5. The Running Pony center caps for the Bullit wheels are now offered as part of the pony package on the V6 cars. You can order the caps from your Ford dealer. The part number is 5R32-1130BA. I think they are around $60 for the set.
  6. Thanks for the info, still looking for a cobra center cap if available..........