05 GT Test Drive! If you haven't driven it, go drive it!

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by lutador83, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. This morning after my 10am class, I went over to Sheehy Ford to check out the new 05 GT. Got there, and they had a light blue GT...oh my god, what a ride!

    The car looks badass from all angles in person. I hated the back before, but when you see it up close it actually looks good. The interior is very nice...the shifter is perhaps the best part about it. Another thing I need to add that they fixed that I thought was cool was the SEATBELT. It actually goes back by itself now.

    Anyways, on to how it runs. The stock exhaust sounds very nice. I thought it was louder than the 99-04 GTs. On the road, the car cruises a LOT better than the previous body. You don't feel the road bumps as bad as you did before. As far as power goes, this car has a lot of it. We went up to 100 on 3rd gear on the highway, and that was right before redline. I never really hit it off the line, but from second gear it pulls pretty nicely. However, in comparison to the older models, it accelerates much smoother. I thought that the older GT was a little rougher and you kinda felt the torque when you went from gear to gear. Maybe it was because the car was heavy (3 of us in it), or because the motor was still new. One against another though, a 99-04 GT would get spanked.

    I might go back to test drive the v6. I think the new v6 is gonna be pretty quick. The motor is nice, and hopefully Ford will jump on this car more so people who can only afford the 6s can mod them to be quick.

    Unfortunately, no pics. All I have to say is, this car is a winner. Thumbs up for Ford! :nice: