'05 M3 or '04 Cobra

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  1. Crazy...

    The M3 is like 20K more then the Cobra...take half the difference and put it into the Cobra and you well absolutely LOVE the Cobra....

    There is the question of maintence and cost as well...its VERY expensive to own a BMW. My family owns them and has for years...they are fantastic cars...but they are very expensive to maintain...and then there is the recall notices and class action lawsuits from M3 owners againts BMW.

    All the various accoutrement you would get with the M3 would be lost on the smile on your face every time you pulled up next to ANY car. You can put so much bling and go go for 10k in your Cobra that the BMW gods would be smiling at you...noding there heads....

    You go strong...you go Cobra boy~!
  2. That's why some people are Ford fans and some are BMW fans. What's good for one may not be good for another. I wouldn't be caught dead in a BMW.

    A few days ago I was making a lefthand turn at a light and when I entered the turn there wasn't anything behind me. When I looked back as I made the turn I had a dude in a BMW stuck so far up my ass I could see the pimples on his silly face. I don't no where the hell he came from. I pulled over in the other lane and got out of his way. He does a ricer fly-by and then slows and tries to get me to line up. I saw it was an M3. I waved him off. Then he lines up at the next light and blasts off leaving me behind, then slows and waits on me. I'm sitting there with a KB at 19 psi and this jerk thinks he can beat me. I pulled into the store I was going to and tried to get him to pull over. What a jerk.

    Get the Cobra.
  3. I would say hold out for a year and a half and get an '07 Shelby GT500. :nice:
  4. I go to a rich college in NY. The kid the next dorm over has an 03 or 04 M3. At first i thought it was great. I like beamers, but the mroe i see the less impressed i am. I hear him going up the street on it hard and it does even less for me. If you pass up an 03/04 cobra and shell out more money for that thing...i would want your head examined. Yes, they are different car, but fun factor is easily in the cobra's favor. performance per dollar, the 03/04's are the best cars ever produced, and being a mustang lover it just :spot: 's the rest.
  5. I just bought an 03 Cobra and I've never driven an M3 but my biased opinion is to get the Cobra.

    I see the Cobra as a super car that comes with an underrated 390 hp engine that sticks to the road like glue from my short experience. In addition with a couple of bolt-ons I'll have 500 hp that'll leave most M3 owners seeing taillights with little problem.
  6. :lol: Get real bro, what do you think everyone is going to say. Why waste your time?
  7. Cobra, easy pick :)

  8. I expected everyone to say go for the 'Stang, no doubt. I was looking for reasons why? There is only one that I can tell - straight-line speed. In every other category (except price) the BMW is terrific. Like I said though I really respect the Mustang for its cost benefits vs performance curve and ideally I'd like to have both cars, but that's a long way off. :cheers:
  9. I can't really say for the BMW, but I like Cobras for the following reasons:
    American muscle car (cool)
    Performance mods
    I guess I might just be biased, but I love Cobras, if I could I'd have two or three of them :D
  10. Hey new member from germany here. I own a BMW and a Cobra! *evil grin* And if I was forced to choose between the two, I would most certainly choose the Cobra. I feel that it is because I own a german spec bmw (which I know nothing about). There is a BIG differance between a german spec M3 and an american M3. Lets just say you would be buying a slightly modified 3 series, not a true M3. I have had my BMW for about a year now, and sense then my windshield wipers quit working? They kept blowing fuses, and I never fixed it, then one day it just started working again. wierd.. then my drivers side window quit working for a few days, now it works. The water pump went out threw the belt on the Autobahn at 200Kmh and I continued to drive the car all the way home (4miles) without powerstearing, cooling, or anything else. And it runs fine now.. LOL this car is evil! but keeps on ticking. Sense the whole water pump thing I havent had any problems except needing to replace the brake pads which fade really really fast. I will have to go with the others on BMW's being expensive to maintain, (unless you dont fix what is wrong and for some reason it fixes it self) *shakes head* I dunno, Im cobra all the way. A S/C Cobra in germany is really going to piss some people off. and Im gonna like it! :rlaugh:

    Question for the creator of the thread... : Have you driven either one yet?
  11. I say Cobra all the way, I love those cars.
  12. Question for the creator of the thread... : Have you driven either one yet?[/QUOTE]

  13. I agree, I just think the '03-'04 Cobras are so awesome, I mean until the GT500s come out and even then you'll be finding '03-'04s at a bargin price. It really comes down to personal preference and if twisties/image/refinement is your schtick then maybe the M3 is for you but I think it's extremely hard to argue with a @$30,000 sport coupe with boosted forged V8 from the factory then with just a couple mods bringing you close to a reliable 500rwhp. :flag: