'05 Mustang GT

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  1. Expect the '05 5-speed to run 0-60 in about sub 5 seconds (4.8-4.9), mid to low 13's @ 104-105. According to MT, The '05 auto will pull on a '04 GT 5-speed. The auto in the '05 are supposed to be top notch, and shift just shy of the 6200rpm redline at full throttle. The auto can be compared to that of Mercedes Benz AMG products! But 4 and 5 gears in the '05 auto mustangs kills any real forward movement. Some 3.73 or 4.10 would be awesome on the auto or badd ass on the 5-speed model. Rear wheel hp in autos are 265-268 and 5-speeds 274-279. Well beyond the factory '04 5-speed of 230 at the wheels.

    I don't think people should underestimate the potential of these new '05. Steeda has already over 100 aftermarket parts for the '05's. All the major supercharger companies should have blowers for theses cars real soon, as well as the major mustang turbo companies.

    The '05 mustangs will be a strong contender for years to come, and will continue to hold the title in the ever so popular street racing wars.
  2. hopefully it drives down the prices of mods for my car :)
  3. I think they will be an improvement over the stock 04, but not as much as some magazines are predicting. I will bet they will run around 13.6 in the quarter and 5.0-5.2 in 0-60. I dont thing they will be as quick as the 03-04 Mach-1 but close. I cant wait to line up with one with My 04, its gonna be fun :nice:

  4. what do stock 5 speed machs run???? Low 13's?
  5. "According to MT" is the same as "According to Mom" they are just estimates. and im "estimating" that the 05 GT with match the mach 1's or be close to the comparison.
  6. 05 Mustang = To Much Hype Just like when the GTO came out last year.

    They don't have enough power to pull sub 5 second 0-60 plain and simple.
  7. the article i read in motor trend had 0-60 at 5.1 seconds?
  8. I've got a bad feeling that the other two domestic companies are going to put out a contender in the near future that will push close to 400 hp.

    I think the SUV craze is dying and people are wanting to get back into cars with power. Reminds me of the mid 90's when minivans died down and all the car companies introduced powerful coupes (mustang, lt1 f bodies, 3000 gt, stealth, turbo rx-7, turbo 300z, turbo supra, turboed eclipses, etc).

    I bought my 04 gt in Dec 2003, I'm about to buy an 03 C-5. I'll buy something else in the next 2 years and keep all my cars.

    I'm going to wait and see what the Boss, Cobra, or Shaker Mustang are about. Then check out what Dodge produces (Charger or Cuda). Then look at a used c-6 that people will sell after 6 months of owning.

    I spend all my money on cars and guitars.
  9. I think it all boils down to:
    If you want a faster car, mod what you got or wait for a couple of years and buy the new model

    Or of course you could mod what you got AND get the new model....
  10. Car and Driver, whos ford reviews I take with a grain of salt, said the 05 ran 0-60 in 5.1
  11. Hopefully they will not be as butt ugly as the GTO. With all the splash and hype that thing got, it is selling like a DOG.

    Lets not forget that it is a $33K car, compared to a GT that will setle in and sell for $25-26K.
  12. From 5.0 mag test, the new 3V heads flow almost as much as the cobra 4V heads! Now I want those on my car!
    The 05 GT looks good, but can't get used to the dash board. I hate those retro-style gauges :notnice: .

    Nothing beats white gauges, I wouldn't trade mine for a 05 :nonono: