06 GT Rolled into street

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  1. Hey guys I pulled into my driveway pulled the brake and went inside. A few minutes later I heard my alarm going off. I went outside and my car had rolled into the street??? I ran down to it and the brake was still on??? I pulled it back up and left it in gear. In 3+ years of ownership this has never happened? Any ideas?
  2. Was the car in nuetral when you parked.
  3. Yep, car was in neutral.
  4. I assume it didn't hit anything.
    Next time put it in 1st gear when you park it. :D
    Seriously, is your driveway on an incline? Maybe you didn't pull the brake up far enough. I don't yank on mine, but a click or two extra doesn't hurt unless the wife needs to release it.
  5. Mine doesn't hold the vehicle on really ANY incline, it's the worst parking brake I've ever seen on a car. ALWAYS leave it in gear.
  6. Sounds like the parking brake cable has too much slack in it. You can adjust the cable through the little access panel in the center console. Attached is the procedure for adjusting the parking brake.

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  7. Mine works great and holds on steep hills. Also check to make sure the cable hasn't broken to one of the rear wheels.
  8. Mine is so tight it barely comes up halfway. That said, I still ALWAYS leave any manual transmission in 1st gear when I park it as insurance.;)
  9. Never never leave it in neutral unless you are on flat ground. If your going up hill and park put it in first gear after you pull the E brake. If you are parked facing down hill put it in revers so if the brake doesn't hold the transmission will stop the car from rolling away.
  10. Your parking brake might need adjustment as others have mentioned, or the cable could be binding. The rubber boot at the end of the cable (near the brake calipers) can get worn and allow water/dirt to get in, which causes rust and binding. I've already replaced the cable on my 05 for this reason. The kicker is that if the cable is binding, the brake handle will often feel tight as though it's actually applying the brake.

    Also, think about leaving the car parked in reverse. That's the gear that holds the best.