06 w/ 17 premimum painte wheels

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  1. i just ordered a o6 gt deluxe w/premimum painted wheels. does anyone know what these wheels look like?
    thanks, don
  2. My guess is round, but maybe more people will know over in the Talk section
  3. your pretty sharp! :rolleyes:
  4. These are what they should look like.
  5. i guess i should wait till sept to see.?
    thanks, id like these but who knows for sure.

  6. Is that the V6 Pony Edition? Doesn't look too bad!
  7. I'm not sure. I was just searching for a picture to post and found that one, but didn't notice it until you mentioned it.
    I think its an aftermarket grill, but it looks cool.
    It gives it that 1966 look.
  8. acording to what ive read, that is not an aftermarket grille, its the pony package for the 06 mustang V6...
  9. It is the 2006 Pony package. No doubt.
  10. I stand corrected.
    That looks pretty cool.
    I wouldn't mind getting a V6 with that Pony package.