10 holes for sale with tires- Cheap!

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  1. Up for sale is a set of 4 wheels and tires off my '86. These are the early style 10 hole wheels, which I believe have the rough finish in the holes. The "new" 10 holes had a smoother finish inside the holes, but otherwise the wheels are identical. These wheels are in very good shape for their age, the finish is still shiny with no corrosion, no clear coat peeling, and no brake dust stains (the wheels are dusty in the pictures just from sitting in the garage). The wheels do have a slight bit of scratches around the very outer rim, but I wouldn't call them "curbed", as the car was never curbed that I know of. All 4 are in similar condition and come with center caps.

    The tires are 225/50-15 BFG G-Force Sports, which are a very nice high performance summer tire. They are fairly worn, but probably have at least one more season left in them. These tires should not be driven in snow or ice.

    I'm asking 20$ a piece or 60$ for all 4. Buyer pays shipping costs.


  2. like to buy 10 holes wheel

    I like to buy those 10 holes wheels off you.The Price is fine!$60 + shipping do you know about how munch to ship them to zip 38225"cheapest way",but how do I pay you ? I have paypal,but have never payed for something other then on ebay with paypal and live in North west Tennessee.Can you give me a phone call at cell #731-819-9424 thanks,.David Hatler
  3. I'll have to research it a bit, but it looks like UPS ground could be 80-100$ for all 4. If you want to look into specific shipping options yourself, I'll be shipping it from Carmel, Indiana.

    I do have PayPal, I'd prefer that method.

    I'll give you a call sometime this afternoon to discuss our options.
  4. sound fine

    I'll be around for that phone call,but you will have to walk me though that paypal and how every you want to ship 10 holes wheels $80-$100 is ok as well,.bye,"Runnerstang",.David Hatler
  5. Wheels have been sold. Mods, feel free to remove or do whatever with this thread. :nice:
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