12.41 @ 117.26 !!!

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  1. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:

    Just up for a little Mother's Day Humor.

    Now BE HONEST!!!!
    Who clicked in here thinking that I REALLY actually went to the track?

    You better reply...I can tell by the number of views if you guys are not fessing up.

    Go Do something nice for your moms today!!!

  2. I'm glad that's a joke, because my buddies 93 went 11.5 @ 117 with an A-Trim at 3,500 #'s
  3. I knew you were bsing since moroso's test and tune is wed and fri, and last night was slicks only.
  4. i held the mouse over the link and saw what you wrote first so I wasnt suprised :p
  5. same......RC you doofus :p
  6. I knew you didnt race, you did that a while ago with your sig. your not fooling anyone.

  7. Me too. LOL!
  8. I was excited to see that u finally hit the track only to be severly dissapointed. :nonono:
  9. same
  10. RC your Stang is slow :p

    J/K man
  11. yup same
  12. My guess is that you don't even know where the track is, so once I saw it was you posting, i just knew it was a joke.....

    And this isn't april 1st BTW.
  13. same here!

    I only came in to see what all the replies were about.
  14. Just wanted a fun link, and I saw 2 consecutive posts with times on them at the the time I wrote this...so didnt want to be left out..

    Thanks for the replies...Hope you all took care of your moms/wives.

  15. RC dude come on man don't tease us.
  16. you know what rob you have cried wolf more then once :D , now no one here will ever think your telling the truth unless we have video :D
  17. Hahaha....I think it would take a video AND 3 "credible" witnesses. You know those videos "can" be fudged.

    WHen Vib gets his car running, Ill plan a trip with him.

    :rlaugh: :lol:
  18. I wanna come. $10 says my car>yours.
  19. I think thats the most I've ever been quoted in a thread :D