12.96 Stang - UCA/OR-X

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  1. According to rumor, the Camaro's life is up in 2014. Being a Camaro fan, I'm sort of disappointed, but considering the weight of the beast and IMO, its "cartoon" looks, I'm not going to miss this one. If it weren't for the weight and such a "Hot Wheels" look, I'd be all over it. Admittedly, I am more of a "Camaro man" than a "Mustang man," but I'm beyond the whole "GM rules, Ford sucks" stage in my life. Money is not easily earned, and I'm going after the best product for my money. It just so happens that the new Mustang is the best product.

    I've honestly tried to like the new Camaro, and even tried "accepting" that it weighs 3850 lbs, but it's like trying to convince myself that Roseanne would look good in a g-string. It just ain't gonna happen. I've even weighed out my options. If I bought a Camaro I'd have to tear it apart to get it to my target weight of 3400-3500 lbs, and probably be forced to throw additional money at it for lighter parts. This in turn would void the warranty. If I order a Mustang factory-direct, I can get a Roushcharger good for 435 hp, a suspension (Track Pack), 5spd, larger brakes, and upgraded wheels/tires, hit my target weight, and everything would be covered under a 3yr/36k warranty. I'd be stupid to go with the Camaro.
  2. Rumor has it that the Camaro is slated for destruction in 2014. Figure on the car being gone, because GM cancels any car that people like.

    As for the Mustang being "king" because of its looks and low sale price, that's a load of bs if I've ever heard one. The Mustang has always been more refined (if that's what you wanna call it) and the quality has always been just a little bit better than that of the Camaro. When Ford unleashes a Mustang, there's one to suit all, and the "top dog" Mustang is ALWAYS better than the Camaro in every single way, from the acceleration to the handling.

    I will agree with you that the Camaro is more "polarizing" to look at than a 2010 Mustang, but that's not always a good thing. IMO, it looks like a Hot Wheels concept car, plus it looks large, and close up it looks slab-sided and just...porky. Don't even get me started on the rear of the car. IMO, the new Camaro looks good from the front, the rear, and side profile, but anything else and it looks poorly designed. It's clear it was designed on a computer. Right now, the ONLY reason that the Camaro is selling so well is because all the fanboys have been waiting for "their car" to return for 7-8 years, and GM can't keep up with the production. Give the Camaro two more years in production and they'll be all over the dealer lots.

    The Mustang sells because it has a very loyal band of followers. People of all ages buy Mustangs. Teenagers buy Camaros. Now, with the new 5th Generation, the same people are buying them that owned Camaros back in 1969, trying to relive their youth. GM can market the Camaro as a sports car, performance car, or whatever, but in the end it is nothing more than a straight-line shooter that's only real talent is cruising down Main Street and gathering up a few stares. It's a one-trick pony.

    I'm not on a "I hate Camaro" mission here. I own one. I'd love to own another one, and quite honestly, if GM did this one right, I wouldn't even be here. While GM may have succeeded with the public, they failed miserably with the automotive performance enthusiast. The Mustang will always be more successful than the Camaro, for a number of reasons. If you want a Ford convertible, you have to buy a Mustang. If you want a Ford sports car, you have to buy a Mustang. If you want a MUSCLE Car, you have to buy a Mustang. Not only do the looks or performance of the Mustang sell, but it's how it's marketed, and how people view it. The Mustang is "American motoring at its finest." It's "America's sweetheart." It's also the highest selling American sports car of all time. It's like the Corvette. It's dear to America's heart. The Viper tried to knock Corvette off the pedestal with better performance, but when the smoke cleared, the Corvette was still "America's baby." It will never matter which company makes a car faster than a Corvette, because it's just the way it is. It's no different than in sports. The New York Yankees are baseball. I hate'em, but that doesn't matter, because millions of people don't.

    Sorry, the "regime" isn't even threatened to change.

    When I go out shopping for a particular car, I view the competition, and maybe some models that aren't even the competition. I wanted a Camaro. GM didn't build me a Camaro that I want. I have looked at the 370Z, Mustang, new STI, new Evo, Audi TT, Audi A4, BMW 335i, Mini Cooper, VW GTI, etc., and I've driven them all. I came away STILL wanting a Mustang. The Mustang is not the fastest, nor the best handling of the bunch, but Ford just got it right. It felt "right" to me; from the feel of the V8, to the weighted steering, the sounds, the look, the view over the hood from the cockpit, etc. THOSE are the things that make the Mustang so good, and a notch above the rest.

    Oh yeah, and FWIW, I just got my Camaro back from the shop, and wouldn't luck have it that a new SS pulled up wanting to play. They are quick, for their weight, I'll give them that, but they ain't quick enough...