18x9 and 18x10 chrome saleen rims AUTHENTIC

Discussion in 'Wheels Tires Brakes' started by saleenspeedster, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. sorry no tires. will be available for shipping on the 15th of november. im currently in afghanistan and im having black saleens put on then. that is the earliest i can have my car picked up. $900 plus shipping OBO
  2. not too firm on the price..throw out a number$
  3. all 4 are in great condition. its difficult to get pictures right now because im in afghanistan but i can most likely get somebody to take some back home if you need to see them??
  4. $750 plus shipping??
  5. In afghanistan right now will be home in the next 14-20 days can you send pictures to [email protected]
  6. yeah ill email my pops to have him take some pics and then he will email them to you.. cool?
  7. btw what part of afghanistan are you in right now?? im heading out in the next 14-20 days as well...
  8. I'm at fob salerno, where you at and yeah thats cool with me if he can have him add subject saleen rims from stangnet so i know its not bs. what unit you with cause im with 3rd bde 1st id
  9. no :poo: im with 1st brigade 1st ID...yeah ill have him send them tomorrow at the latest..
  10. haha this thing automatically changed my word to "poop". stupid. if you want i can just bring the rims up to riley when i get back?
  11. your with 1st bde, haha thats funny in a way, ill have them shipped if i get them off ya, cause we're stationed out of knox
  12. alright bro sounds good..ill get those pics to you asap
  13. 675 plus shipping and you got a deal
  14. 675 shipped!
  15. cant do that bro. im taking a hit even selling for 675 plus shipping. these arent no replicas
  16. Thanks anyway
  17. when you gonna send those pictures bro
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.