1966 Inline 6 Project

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  1. Hello, my name is nick I have a 1966 mustang that I need help getting running. I am completely positive I have the skills to restore this car but would greatly appreciate some knowledge/experience along the way. I plan on painting and restoring all the interior myself. Here are some pics.

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  2. I'm changing my 66 into disc brakes and I would like to make it 6 lugs. Not really sure where to look. Is it better to get a kit online or find a compatible car?
  3. no one, and i mean NO ONE makes a six lug conversion kit for your car. in fact there are NO parts available to even make a six lug conversion kit for your car.
  4. Ok, well I could've sworn it. Guess not. Can I just swap a v8 set of suspension or upgrade somehow??
  5. So being and idiot I just realized that I meant to say 5 lug.
  6. So being and idiot I just realized that I meant to say 5 lug.
  7. Welcome aboard!
  8. Thank you. So any ideas on which 2 barrel carb I should get?
  9. the weber 32/36 is a very good carb for the small six, and you have options for installing it as well. you can use an two barrel to one barrel adapter, or you can pull the head and have it machined for a direct mount conversion. check out this site;

  10. Thank you very much. What kind of benefits does 2 barrel carbs have. I know it's a performance increase. Anything else?
  11. I also was wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper disc brake setup convo?
  12. Is that kit for the whole car or just front or back? I once heard that online kits are no good and that you should find a donor car with disc brakes?
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  14. the two barrel conversion allows for better drivability, and possibly better fuel economy.

    you can get a kit for the front or the back or both. i would start at the front, and get the rear kit when you can afford it.

    as for the rubbish about finding a donor car rather than get a kit, again i say poppycock. kits are kit fine for doing disc brake swaps, as they generally have everything you need to make the swap happen.
  15. Thank you very much. I cant wait to get paid so i can get this thing running. I'll get some progress pics as soon as I get working on it.