1966 manual uninteresting RNP. Modify stock column or new?


Jun 29, 2021
Weatherford Texas
I found a uninteresting rnp for my 1966 roller. I have a ‘65 parts car and an old column to work with. My question is, do I re build my old column or just buy a new on that I do not have to cut down to work with my newish rack n pinion? I have seen some columns on line for $200ish and the ididit for $500-$600. Not really wanting to spend $600. However, I do not want to end up with problems and a loose steering column. If I rebuild my old setup, I need new bearings and a signal switch. Not to mention the time it takes to sand and clean th old tube. Any advice wo be helpful
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15 Year Member
Sep 30, 2006
Nashville TN
There is no reason to buy an aftermarket column unless you must have tilt. The stock column works just fine...you really only need a new upper bearing and something that works for a bearing/shaft support for the bottom(I saw a bearing down at Tractor Supply Company that would work just fine for the application. You will of course still need to figure out an intermediate shaft of some type with U-joints, but all in you should be able to do it for less than $200 easily enough
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