1970 mach 1 project

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  1. i have to sell this project, its been on the back burner too long. currently working on my first 69 and my sons 65, so i don't have the time or the money for this 70. it is a mach 1 "M" code (351 4V) car was taken apart, started out replacing just the front floors, but to make it look better and have no seam decided to replace the left and right full floor. cowl in the car needs to be replaced, new cowl assembly is $350.00, the car is just put back together right now to keep up with parts so it is not running or drivable, it is original grabber blue with white interior, it had power steering, power brakes, and air condition. all glass is good, doors and fenders are useable but i do have one new door for it, left rear quarter was hit and poorly repaired many years ago, i have a qtr skin for it, trunk lid needs replacing, hood has some rust underneath and would probably need replacing, frame rails, rockers, trunk floors are all solid, does have some rust in the door jamb area, lower rt windshield post and back or door jamb on rt side, i have pics of these areas, i don't see them as critical areas, just some cutting out and replacing, interior all needs recovering. car has a rebuilt 302 and c4 sitting in it, nothing is hooked up, have a 351C 2 v to rebuild that goes with the package, also have the original FMX trans. need to have 6500.00 for it to sell it or interesting partial trade... 404-732-6550 email me direct for info and pics, i don't check here often.

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  2. I'm definitely interested...

    Where are you located?

  3. sent you a text... :)

    Im located near Savannah GA, and would definately bring a trailer up to Atl to pick this up.
  4. called you up but no answer.. call me back at 786-206-5306
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