1970 underhood wiring question


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Jan 27, 2007
north central Tennessee Valley
I am putting back together the 1970 Mustang that I have been restoring for two plus years. Although many things we tagged and labeled, a few wires did not get labeled.there are two wires under the hood that I havn' t been able to figure out.
Horse sence or one of you other guys may know the answer.
This is an original non AC vehicle. There is a 2 inch or so grommet coming through the middle of the firewall up top which contain a set of wires that run around the passenger apron to the solenoid. I pretty much have these figured out. and also in this big grommet 2, 4 pin connections one of which is the park/neutral switch and the other is the wiper motor. There is also a flat 3 pin whtch is the coil, oil pressure and engine temp harness connection point. There are 2 single female bullet style connections that I havn't been able to figure out. What are these for? and also where does the non AC blower motor get its power from and also I have installed factory AC that I am going to have to power up from under the dash somehow. 1969 is similar but still it has things about it that are different. Any help would be greatly appreciated. There is not near as much 1970 info easy to find online as there is for say 1965 or 1966.
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