Expired 1989 Notchback V8 5 Speed Long Island Ny

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  1. I am looking to take the next step and get engaged haha .. so the cars gotta find a new home.

    5.0 5 speed original
    thumper heads
    e cam
    cut and ported upper
    underdrive pulleys
    full length bbk headers and exhaust
    short throw shifter
    lower control arms
    quad shocks removed
    new moldings on windows
    power windows work / power mirrors dont... havent looked into it.
    has mp3 stereo
    it has no ac and no heat :/
    power steering relocated
    tires in GREAT shape.

    known issues:
    no heat or ac ... needs heater core ... ac is completely eliminated.
    ashtray doesnt close (surprise)
    map light doesnt work
    cruise control is deleted
    power lock works only on passenger side... i looked into it .. its missing actuator (30 bucks if that)
    when previous owner installed 3.73s they didnt shim the ring and pinion correctly.. so when reversing and then going forward there is a clunk between them 2 meeting.
    the car has been like this since my friend owned it 8 years ago and i drive this car DAILY 40 mile round trip for work.
    the body side molding is not on the car i am looking to order it and complete the exterior in 2 weeks or so.

    the car looks great exterior is an 8 out of 10 ... interior id say a 6 ... and thats being hard on it its all there and looks good when cleaned up seats are a bit faded from sun but this is an 89 lets be realistic.

    $5000 negotiable .... test drives with cash in hand.
    ive looked around i am being fair with my pricing.
    original v8 5 speed not a 4 cyl conversion.
    located in west babylon ny 11704

    more pictures at http://thatbluenotch.wordpress.com

    my name is zane email me at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.