1989 Saleen Convertible # 611 w/ 63,000 Orig. carfaxed miles!

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  1. hey guys, bought this car recently from 2nd owner, it is pretty darn nice for being over 20 years old. it is an original saleen #611 car, and has carfax documented 63,000 miles, not 163,000, but 63,000. this car was bought by the 2nd owner in 1990 with 7,000 miles on it, and in 91' decided to do some changes, never wrecked, but decided to change up the color scheme a bit. this was an original blk with grey saleen convertible, was changed in 91' to it's current color status. original flofit seats were recovered with color matching flofit material ordered thru flofit by saleen for the owner. has a saleen roll/light bar, and really does drive nice and handles extremely tight. has all of it's original racecraft suspension, down to the formula gp monroe's...only thing is that the rear valance was stolen some years ago, and never replaced, but shouldn't be very difficult to replace. also still passed ca. smog with no problem at all.. it is in decent shape, not mint by any means, but all in all very decent and a solid foundation if someone would like to restore it to it's original state, but would also be a very cool daily driver as is... bottom line is , it is an actual numbered saleen, and does have a backed up 60,000 miles, with that being said, i am sure this car would be interesting to someone in the mustang world.. i am looking to get somewhere close to $8000 or trade for a nice notchback, it has a clean ca. title and pink slip is in my name, car is also registered thru dec. of 2010'.
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  2. I may be wrong, but looks like maroon over-spray on the hoses in the last pic. Is the complete firewall painted maroon?
  3. yes it has overspray here and there, looks like no one ever really tried to really fine detail it after paint, and the top of the firewall, basically the easy pat was what was painted.
  4. looks like some paint got on the saleen plate under the hood too...still a nice car though!
  5. thats a shame they killed a nice black car.
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