Build Thread 1990 Lx 5.0 Restomod Build

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  1. I just have to say that I love your car, and your progress on it is amazing!!! :nice:
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  2. Got the muffler fixed today. I loosened the bolts at the h-pipe to flow tubes connection, placed 2 shims about 3/4" thick in between the muffler and frame to get the muffler away from the frame, then tightened up the bolts with the shims in place. After everything was tight I pulled the shims out and the muffler stayed in place.

    No more rattling and the car seems smoother just normal driving. Amazing how this small amount of contact seemed to make such a difference.
  3. ...and I've got cold A/C :banana:
  4. Congrats!

    I can't even think about A/C right now. Out here in Spokane Wa I just endured a loooong cold winter so, BRING ON THE HEAT!

    The only thing I want cold is my BEER:drink:
  5. I hear ya, but it's about 90 here in Florida today with 70%-ish humidity, so A/C is nearly a must have.

    Next up first part of next week is the brake booster. Picked up a remanufactured one from Advanced yesterday along with a universal joint socket, so I should be ready to go.
  6. Outstanding thread, lots of good info and pics. Everytime I look at mine I see all the work that needs to be done, and I will keep coming back to this thread for inspiration.
  7. Thanks man. Like I said way in the beginning, I have always appreciated thorough build threads with lots of pictures...this is just my effort to replicate.
  8. So I picked up a new booster from Advance last week and installed it this morning. Really not too bad of a swap; the biggest concern was making sure not to kink the brake lines when I pulled the master cylinder out of the way to remove the booster. The worst nut was the upper left (viewed when sitting in the driver's seat). I was able to remove the knee bolster piece and use a combination of a 14mm socket, 10" extension, 6" extension and 3" extension to reach that nut. I snaked the extensions just to the lower left of the steering wheel and right through the wiring. Fit perfect and I was able to remove the nut.

    I also removed the driver's seat. HUGE help.

    Started the car and no more hissing, and the hissing is barely audible when I push the brake pedal.

    Here's a couple pics of my old booster.


  9. Not much going on lately, obviously I've accomplished quite a bit and things are slowing down. We're also preparing for our move so focus has shifted a bit from the Mustang and towards the move.

    I did get a few things for Father's Day though. New Lloyd Floormats from LMR, a hood prop rod retaining clip as mine was missing, and a basic tune up kit (spark plugs, wires, distributor rotor and cap). I got the car cleaned up this morning and the mats put in. I'll try and get the other items installed later this week but it may end up being a couple weeks before I get to it. I'm out of town again in Oklahoma City next week for work.

    Floor mats installed



  10. Some day my T-top will be this clean lookin! :hail:
  11. Not much cooking lately (except the parts below). I had 3 straight weeks of travel for work so all I did was drive the car back and forth to the airport. So I guess I've been driving it and enjoying it, rather than wrenching on it.

    I went to take it to the store a couple days ago, let it idle in the driveway for a couple minutes, then noticed some smoke coming from the driver's side underneath the hood. Shut it off and popped the hood to find this (I removed the screw holding the fuse block to the sheet metal):


    I bought this wiring install kit when I upgraded to a 3g alternator over a year ago and haven't had any issues. After posting another thread on here, come to find out these audio type fuse block holders aren't too good under the hood. So I upgraded to a MEGA fuse block holder with a 150A fuse. Got everything put back together today and no more smoke. It'll drive me nuts though for a couple weeks every time I drive it. I'll be watching to make sure I don't see more smoke.

    I also replaced the ignition switch, just for piece of mind, since those tend to fail on these cars. So much that Ford did a recall on them at some point. Glad I checked. Here's what I found when I removed it.


    So, after a couple of near smokey/fire scares, I'm upgrading my insurance to collector's insurance in the next few weeks. It will actually drop my insurance premium by a couple hundred a year, but I'd rather have the car insured for a set value rather than leaving it up to "the book".
  12. Also, I just finished washing and waxing it today getting ready for our move in about a month. I'm hoping to find a spot and get some good pictures in the next day or so.

  13. OMG that is shocking! Look how clean and smooth your hands are?!! You sure you wrench on your own car? lol

    Good preventative maintenance with the ignition switch, looks like it was going to leave you stranded sooner rather than later.
  14. They're clean since I haven't been working on the car for several weeks. As far as smooth, my wife would probably disagree.

    Got the rest of my Father's Day maintenance items installed, and fixed the rear bumper trim underneath the gas door. Filling up a couple weeks ago, in a rush trying to make it to the airport, I put the little tab down on the nozzle so it would just kick off when the tank was full. Whether it's just an issue with the filler neck on my car, or something else I don't know, but when it kicked off a couple tablespoons of gas shot out and fell down the side of the car. This took the paint off the trim with it. So I taped everything off and sanded it down, wiped it off with wax/grease remover and then sprayed it with a couple coats of SEM trim paint. Looks good as new.


  15. Now for the maintenance items...

    I swapped in a new set of Motorcraft spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor. I'm glad to have the blue of the Ford Racing wires out of the engine bay finally and have it back to a nearly stock looking bay. I found a guy with a coil cover I'm going to go pick up tomorrow, so hopefully I can get that installed tomorrow afternoon.

    The plug in cylinder #8 wasn't even tight. I put the socket on it and it started spinning freely right away. First thought was that it was stripped, but the new one threaded in and tightened up just fine. I always heard a ticking from the driver's side of the engine bay, wonder if that will be gone now. You can see all the oil over the plug in the below photo. Car runs a little smoother now as well.

    FoxMustangLvr - Look! A little dirt on my hands!


  16. Lastly, for today, I went to a local park/boat ramp by the river and took some shots of the car. I'm debating sending a couple to the previous owner.





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  17. Didn't read all of the replies to this issue, but just in case:

    It's not your lens that is cocked, but rather your bumper cover has a bent metal True-Support Strip , which makes the lens look cocked. People knee-up on these bumpers, getting things out of the hatch, not knowing they will deform the metal True-Support Strip running just below the top edge of the cover.


    One Fix: Take off cover and re-arc the True-Support Strip to it's original shape.

    BTW, did you make it to Colorado? (I have to catch up on your build!)
  18. We leave for Colorado the 3rd week of August. Car will be shipped; picked up around the 19th and delivered on the 28th or 29th.
  19. your cars getting better and better everyday my man you might not be able to see it but I can see it every week I come to look at it. keep up the good work.
  20. Thanks man!