1991 Gt Front Wheels Appear To Be Out Of Alignment?

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  1. Does this look normal to you guys? It looks like to me anyway that my front wheels are kinda pointing out. I have owned the car for a long time but don't remember it looking like this. It hasn't been lowered and still has the stock adjusting plates on the shock tower. I should be able to loosen the plates and draw the wheels in shouldn't I? DSC00524.JPG

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  2. Does look like a lot of camber for stock ride height. Is that stock suspension?

    When was the last time you had an alighment? How are the inner fenders? I wouldn't go adjusting the camber plates just yet before confirming the inner fenders are not collapsing inwards on themselves first.
  3. First things first...

    Are you experiencing abnormal tire wear? Is the ground the car is parked on truly level? What condition is the rest of the suspension in?

    It my be my work monitor or just low quality pictures, but I can't tell much from what I am seeing. Park the thing on the flattest surface you can find and take some well lit pictures. If it still looks strange, then you need to inspect your springs, control arm bushings, ball joints, etc. Replace worn parts as needed.

    Once you have done this, if it looks out of whack I would either have it professionally aligned or follow MFE's write up on how to do your own alignment. I would not just start loosening bolts and try to visually line it up, you will only make it worse. Making camber and caster adjustments can also affect toe settings, and you really need to be measuring it in some form.

    EDIT: One last thing - your eyes can be very deceiving when looking at things like this, so I would seriously hesitate on trusting them to see minute alignment issues.
  4. feel the treads on your front tires. Are they wearing flat, or do you feel any irregular wear pattern?

  5. Thanks guys....its definitely wearing the inner part of the tire the most. I haven't had this thing aligned since I bought it. I will take some better pictures of the car outside and not under the car port.
  6. take it to an alignment shop