1992 LX Conversion

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  1. Ok......Well this is our first conversion from 4 Banger to V8. I picked this 92 LX up that had two dented front fenders and a cut front bumper cover for 600 smackaroos. It had a running 4 and a rebuilt auto tranny. It also has full interior in Black and power windows and locks that I will be replacing with a good ole manual set up. We recentley pulled the engine and tranny out, removed all the non essentialssuch as the wiring harness, AC, and heater box. No need for the computer because it will be a carb set up. If anyone has any helpful ideas please send them my way. Its not our first Mustang but it is our first conversion. IMG_0192.JPG
    IMG_0176.JPG IMG_0175.JPG IMG_0193.JPG
  2. Your right where I'm at with my conversion - nice score on the 'black' interior - I've been dreading scrapping the wiring as well - but I'm going to be heading into it - I going carb as too- a fellow stang netter here is giving me his 5.0 spindles - but the 4 cyl ones will work - there's a ton of stuff - many people who have done this have mixed feelings about it - I like it when people say it's a 'snap' - but many say just buy a 5.0 - I'm goimng with a .30 over 351w out of a 71 LTD - what are your plans motor wise?
  3. some photos of progress
    holidays 005.JPG
    Franko brithday 029.JPG
  4. Looking good. Keep focused and plan correctly.
    I have come across people with the same opinions that say buy an original 5.0. My view on that is that I dont want some ones old beat on 5.0. I owned a 5.0 before and lets be honest, I beat the crap out of that car.And my plan was to change out k member and all the running gear anyway. So why buy some ones bent up, torn torque box, run into the ground mustang. The 4 banger isnt beat on.
    The wiring isnt a problem at all for me, but body work is a challenge for me. Im an engineer by trade a have a long history of working with all sorts of engines, gear boxes and so on. I will be learning how to do body work on this project while taking some much needed pointers from my neighbor who did his own body work on his 1970 Cuda.
    Engine plans are to convert my 351w into a 408 with all forged internals. We should be around 545 H.P. on pump gas straight motor. And behind that will be a C4, stall and brake set up. Hoping for around 10.60 track times once dialed in.
  5. That's awesome .....funny I worked at a body shop when I was a kid ....that's the one part I'm looking forward to / why I actually even started this project - .....bought a 80 gal compressor ( had an electrican rewire the garage for it) - ......I owned maybe 7 5.0's when I was a kid in the late ninties....my first was 93 gt w/12k on it .....body work is easy - it's all in the prep ....patience...patience...once you do a panel ....and it looks like 'glass' then it's done......you should develop a 'touch' for it.....practice on some fenders ....if you can 'shoot' a nice fender - your on your way......I plan on edging out all the panels w/color / clear/ assembling the car as a roller - then 'rent' a booth ...and if my touch with the gun is back up to 'speed' then I'll shoot it myself .....if not then I'll have an experienced painter shoot it for final .....I'm planning a white base color coat - then a minty metallic light green top - etc .......I agree with going 4 cyl's - the 5.0's around here were all beat to chit......my 4cyl had all the vin tags in place - and only had 79k on it when I bought it .....stay in touch .....I'm going to be asking you alot of Q's if you don't mind when it comes to figuring out how to wire this thing / linkages etc ....going 1970's with the motor - here's how it sits now
    351 windsor build up 023.jpg
  6. That really looks good. My block is on the stand and completely bare. I just pulled it apart and went through it. I still need to send it off to the machine shop for its initial cleaning and machining. But that part is going to be last on my list. I am going to concentrate most of my attention on the car itself. Soon as I get back home from New York I will be cutting out the old aprons and welding in some new smooth aprons that I purchased from fox body restoration. Then I will be welding up holes and smoothing out the rest of the engine compartment. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will help you out as much as I can.
  7. Thanks for helping me.....your right where I'm at - but I decided to take the front suspension off as well - what I'm doing......once I get the wiring figured out / taking out ...is making small templates for the larger holes with cardboard so they 'fit' almost exactly in the holes to be welded up(1/16th) .....then a steel contractor is cutting them out on CNC machine - and he's sending one of 'his' guys to weld them in....I don't have a welder ....and I'm hoping he can 'plug' the smaller one's ....and then that's when the real fun starts .....smoothing the enigne compartment out .....are you taking out the brake booster as well?
  8. I am going to remove the master cylinder and proportioning valve and replace with sn/95 set up. Welding up the holes will take a bit of time. I was told the way to do it was to use a copper spoon on the back side as you weld up the holes. The welding does not stick to the copper and allows you to make a nice clean fill. The only problem is that it takes two people.
    I will be going with a upr k member but I can't remove the old one yet because the attic door is right above the car and my wife is in and out of the attic getting winter clothes and Christmas ornaments. So with that being said the car needs to be mobile. I plan to wheel the old one out and wheel the new one in all in one day to keep it mobile bit not until the engine bay is complete.
  9. sounds like the right plan - keep me updated on ur porject ... if I get some things done I'll shoot ya a PM ......
  10. I am doing the same with my 92 LX but im to the point now where the car runs and drives just not properly, there is a misfire and it wont shift out of second for some reason. I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas or helpful tips on what might be wrong

    Info on my car is that when i got it running i drove it but it wouldnt shift out of first gear, but would go through park revers and neutral fine and there is a miss even after new plugs and wires have been put on it plus its been timed, im just at a rock and a hard place because i cant seem to figure out what is wrong. if anyone has any ideas or thoughts please send me a message or something.

  11. Hopefully someone has some ideas - I'm just not there at this point -
  12. Im almost finished my 93 4 banger to 351w swap. I just need paint. Biggest headaches in the swap were swapping and rebuilding a 8.8 rear, relocating rear brake lines (a must), and sumping the fuel tank ( for carb setup). I only spent 1 year doing mine and I rebuilt EVERYTHING myself and im not a mechanic, just a weekend wrencher. let me know if you run into any problems because im sure i already went through it.
  13. What did you do exactly for the fuel tank? - I have a 8.8 rear end pulled out of a V-8 car - but I'm worried about the fuel lines and pump - I have to go electric fuel pump - I have it blocked off w/plate at the block (no eccentric) - and somehow - re-use the exisiting gas tank - w/that 89 ford ranger 'pick-up' I've seen in the research - I don't want a fuel cell - I want a reg tank - any suggestions?
  14. I'm about to start the same type of swap. I've got a '90 LX convertible thats in rough shape but the bodys solid, no rust so far and only one small dent, and the car is complete. So I wont have to search to find any parts. My donor vehicle is a '91 Mark VII LSC and I know that I can use the brakes and rear axle for a five lug swap. Ive already got the SN95 booster/MC, I know about the e brake and axle length issues. The Mark VII has a Vortech SC and a Cobra top end. I'm pretty sure its just the top but it might be the whole engine because the PO send that the guy he bought it from aquired a wreck cobra and did the swap. I don't know why you wouldnt just swap the whole engine and I can get in there to see if the heads have the three bars or the gt40 stamping. The car has the cobra spoiler, front black leather cobra seats and all the badging, so it might. My question is have you ran into many unexpected problems and if so, how did you deal with em? I was also wondering if anybody has used a lincoln to do this swap and if so, did you use the lincoln wiring harness or did you get a mustang harness. Thanks for your time.