SOLD 1993 Mustang Lx 2.3 4 Cylinder 8-plug Engine F/s

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Jun 19, 2004
Easton, Pa
I recently purchased a clean 1993 Mustang LX Hatchback 4 cylinder auto for my Coyote-swap project. Currently the car is complete running and driving car. So far all I have removed is the rear interior. My K-member package for my swap will be here this week.
So I'm asking $350 for the complete engine intake to pan, I'll throw in the auto trans, radiator, fan, exhaust parts, and any 4 cylinder emissions parts and A/C parts for free. According to the previous owner there's about 35k miles on the engine. The previous owner bought the car in 2001. The owner before that owner had recently replaced the 2.3 long block with a new engine. Car was owned by the wife who drove it a few blocks away to work and home. The car as it sits has just over 100k miles. The engine runs ridiculously smooth and starts right up. It runs like new and is super clean! The transmission I'll give away with the motor for free if wanted.
Right now if someone is interested in the engine they can come and see it, hear it and drive it before buying it. But I'll be getting antsy to pull it once the parts start rollin' in. If I do pull it before anyone can come see it to buy I will video tape everything and document.
Currently I live in the Easton, PA area close to route 22, 33, and 78. If you're interested I check my email more often than my stangnet messages so you can email me at [email protected].

Fquick gallery here shows 5 great photos of the engine. Please note in last pic that the belt tensioner below the alternator shows wear and will need to be replaced. Motor still runs great!

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Please post pics of item for sale per forum guidelines.

Additionally, the link you supplied for pictures requires a log-in and isn't any good.

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