Exhaust 1995 ford mustang gt 5.0 header question

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Feb 3, 2009
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They'll fit. However, you won't be able to hook up the factory EGR assuming it's still there and you want to use it.


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Jan 30, 2019
bonney lake wa
okay, so I've been debating weather to do the egg delete or not because my smog pump is completely deleted and the vacuum line that goes to the egr is old, dry/cracked in all sorts of places and I'm sure it's not working already I have a cel for it aswell but, all the research ive done people say the car will ping if you delete it without a "tune". I don't understand what this tune is, i can't find anything about it. I know they sell a cap for the end of the wire that tricks the computer and turns the check engine light off, but i cant find one for the 94-95 cars, only foxbodies and 96+.
so pretty much the egr is already just a cluster of stuff in my engine bay that doesn't work and i would like to delete it because as i mentioned in the beginning i already have my smog pump completely deleted, an offroad x pipe, and the damn thing doesnt work anyway. all of this aside, is there anything else I would need to do for those headers to fit on my e7 heads or will they bolt right up with the oem gaskets.

Thankyou guys for your quick responses, it helps alot!

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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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I think the easy way out would be to fix the vacuum lines and clean/replace the egr valve, keeps the light off and makes it look like you care about the environment. Though you have a 95 and I don't know how much different they are from a fox because of the ccrm.
i need to learn more about these because I will be working on my cobra intake soon.


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Aug 11, 2013
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@Labora is correct, though you'll have a different EGR code if you do that, but at least it doesn't light up the dash. Best way is to keep the system intact as it actually does significantly lower your NOx emissions and also allows you to run more advanced timing without pre-ignition than without it. It, along with the catalytic converters, are two emissions components that are actually pretty effective. It is very possible to get great results while still being environmentally conscientious (high flow cats are inexpensive and hinder flow very little). My turbo 95 passes its tailpipe test every other year with flying colors. I understand not everyone cares though or has emissions testing, but you probably devalue your car by stripping those bits off as no one in another state or county that has emissions testing will want to touch it. Probably not a big deal with KBB on our cars <$3k.

Barring that, there is a flag that can be set in a tune which just shuts the whole thing off. A 'tune' on an SN95 Mustang requires a piggy-back chip to be added to the ECU which contains a modified set of runtime parameters for the stock computer to use. It requires someone to write that tune to the chip before you install it. Common solutions are SCT chips (often with Bama tunes) - check American Muscle for details, and Moates Quarterhorse with your own tunes written by Binary Editor. Other free software and lower cost chip options exist.

In your case though, if entirely stock, a tune and chip will cost a few hundred bucks. I'd repair the EGR system instead and look for headers that support it, or perhaps have them modified to support it. But if you really don't care, the half-pushed-in plunger attached to the harness will work fine.


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Jan 30, 2019
bonney lake wa
so if i use foxbody headers on my 95 mustang gt, will the only thing i need to block off is the egr port in the intake manifold, and the vacume line that runes to it? along with what Labora said above about the plunger on the egr?


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Jan 30, 2019
bonney lake wa
@jozsefsz, i completely what understand what your saying about the environmental part of this aswell as the value part, and i do care to some point but, i plan on keeping the car, and It already has an offroad x, the smog pump deleted, and starting this year i will not be required to pass emissions on this car. I also have a set of nvm shorty headers from a foxbody laying in my garage and it there isn't a tube for the egr at all on them. I was hoping to use these headers and ditch my stock ones as i am doing the head gasket currently and everything is in reach. again I don't really mind not having the egr especially if i can use these headers, i just dont want my motor to ping like what I've heard from people that havent put a tune on their computer for the delete, or have the plunger still connected to the engine-bay side of the wire.

you people are super helpful!
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