1995 GT convertible Electrical gremlin


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Mar 21, 2019
I’m sorry for I am new here but I was unsure of where to post this strange issue. I recently purchased an sn95 GT convertible the car sat for two years and now I am dealing with the previous owners unfinished project. So last night I want to turn off the headlights by pressing the button all the way in Wich clicks normally and functions as it should but when I removed the key from my ignition the parklights interior lights tail lights and gauge cluster was still illuminated (with the switch pushed fully in) I took apart the switch and discovered the connectors have been spliced. There are two wires just resting off of the switch Wich colors are: orange/black stripe and yellow/black stripe as I mentioned these aren’t connected to anything just dangling. From what I assumed the connector burnt out because he left the ford lights on constantly (just a guess) I was wondering what could my issue be? Why do my park lights stay on even when key is removed and switch is in the off position. If it matters this car does have a security system and the battery has died multiple times (since has a new battery) Thank you
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May 31, 2019
Salisbury, MD
Question, are the orange/black, and yellow/black wires attached to the switch connector, or are they coming from the harness? I don't see these two colors on either of my wiring diagrams, not saying they aren't there, both diagrams I have separated the different lighting circuits, which makes it kind of hard to follow. The connector going bad is a common problem on these cars, unfortunately, the wire colors on the replacement connector, do not match the originals, it has to be spliced in one wire at a time, following the location and not the color. I don't remember, from when I replaced mine, if there were any extra wires on the replacement connector. It is possible the connector isn't wired in properly, and, also unfortunately, I don't know of a diagram that shows the switch connector, and what original color wires go where. Actually, I may be over thinking this, it could be as simple as your switch being bad, all the lights you mentioned staying on, doesn't matter if the ignition is on or not, will be on if the switch is in the parking light position, so, could be on if the switch is shorted inside.

Here are the wire color codes for the light switch, these are for the original, so you will have to backtrack past the splice, interesting that my wiring diagrams don't show the color code for the wire from the fuse box for the headlight circuit, but I'm sure it's the largest wire.

Unknown-from fuse box for headlight/fog light circuit
Red/Yel- Headlight, to multifunction switch (Hi/Low beam)
Tan/Wht- from fuse box for exterior & instrument lights
Brown- exterior lights, tail, side marker, etc
Lt Blu/Red-interior lighting, from dimmer
Lt Grn/Yel- from fuse box for courtesy lights
Gray- courtesy lights (dome light)

Somewhere, I have a ford manual on CD, I'm not sure where it is right now, if I run across it, and it has any additional, or different information, I'll post it.
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