Digital Tuning 1995 Mustang Gt Drivabilty Issues And Eec Codes 543 177

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  1. Hiya all in the Mustang world not new to them put new to the sn95 platform have owned several foxs. So anyways I obtained 95 gt in a trade few months back and been dealing with dudes hacked ass work. So at this point I am chasing my tail I am 99% sure ccrm is bad seeing I have no volt output to stock fan connector I installed two slimlines adjustable fan controller to solve this at first. Well at first after inspection I found car had blown headgasket as well could be the no cooling fan thing huh lol. Well long story short I tore motor down short block installed GT40x heads Crane 1.6 pedestal mount roller rockers , Crane Cam High Energy came stage 1, Ford Racing Intake gaskets,Head Gaskets , ARP Headbolts , Fox Cobra upper and lower intake , AccuFab TB , Pro-M mass air 24lb injectors Adjustable FPR matched set off my fox, BBK shorties new O2 sensor, New TPS, New IAC, All new MSD digital 6, MSD Coil , wire cap rotor. Car is untuned and would rather not bring it to tuner as a basket case.

    So after all that I am getting a EEC code 543,177 I found some hacked up wiring in the harness to drivers o2 harness it was wire with grey wire reversed. So my car runs but at times breaks up in lower rpms and I know how set timing spout out at operating temp But if i set timing to 10deg drive home 20 miles from work it will run 195-210 and when I check timing it will be advanced to 20deg back it off do same drive again re check 0 deg wtf. It has stock distributor is the pip bad the ccrm or ecm or both fubard ? Any help would be ****ing awesome!!!!
  2. Sounds like a bad HB. The inner and out rings have/are slipping. Remove belt and see if there is any movement in the HB. There should absolutely be NONE.
    The PIP usually die a slow death. Intermittent at first then they just die. The PIP is what signals the ECU for firing the spark to the correct cylinder. Works like a crank sensor.
  3. i wish it was as simple as the harmonic balancer that is brand new as well. 177 left 02 code is where kid I got car from had wiring to o2 sensor spliced and wrong had volts for heater going ecm signal wire possible spiked ecm and why its giving me all these gremlins . I hate hacks btw
  4. If the timing is changing with the spout out the HB is slipping, new or otherwise. Either that or the dizzy hold down bolt is loose.
  5. Nope no way it is spun I am a ASE cert tech I can figure that out . Did further diag ccrm output fuel pump 9.80 vlts input 12.00 volt I am sure this is my 543 code . Other 177 is from kid fing up left o2 sensor wiring and new o2 is now junk . The timing thing I am going to check by installing known good distributor from my other sn95
  6. As the timing is locked with the SPOUT out what do you believe is causing the timing to change by 10* (from 10* to 20*)?
  7. Well problem has been figured out ! So I hunkered down last night with my DMM in hand and went to it I pretty much already knew gut feeling but wanted to confirm . So anyways after install new CCRM cause old one was out of a 3.8 v6 and not right, so I check voltage again at Dk Grn/Yellow fuel pump wire 9.80 constant volt hmm should only get 12v for 2sec key on to prime then drop zero. Well kid I got car from in trade deal was a moron shorted signal wire to ecm on left side 02 to 5v heated out voltage thus spiking ECM . ECM is putting out 9.8 volts from to 12 ref to monitor fuel pump voltage I got wire at ECM to remove from fuel pump circuit what do you know key on 2 sec 12 volt. So anyways I ordered a new ECM for a 95 cobra and 2 new o2 sensor and a o2 sensor harness from ebay. This would also be why my timing keeps going out of whack as well I may just say f it and install my Hellion turbo kit before winter I already lost alot of summer time it blows my fox is being re done to me 10.5 NHRA rules and is out next season and this sn95 sucks like I recall when I owned a 97 cobra

    So if you have a 543 542 code check green yellow from ccrm to see if you have constant 9.8 shorted volts I hate fixing others mistakes its what I do all day long for a living.