1995 Mustang power window does not work.


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May 13, 2020
Hey you all i am new in this forum but it has helped me a lot in the past.

I just bought an SN95 convertible a couple of day's ago.
I already got a 2000 hardtop mustang but with this new SN95 that i got none of the windows work.
Either turn down or up. I tried checking the fuses but with this one is a little confuse because one fuse controls a whole lot of functions, so i tried to pull up one by one to see if one of the fuses is burn or something that could prevent the windows to work, but thats not the case all of the fuses are in good shape.

I checked the button pad on the door panel but there is not power going only to the 4 windows buttons. Side mirrors work fine as well as the lock button. The convertible up and down button works intermittent but it does. It is just those 4 window button on the pad that are not working everything else is good.
it gets me confused because its the 4 of them not only one or two. and i checked the fuses and that is good too so tbh i dont know where it could be locate it.

Have any of you gone thru the same situation ?
any idea where the power is missing ??
I dont want to replace all the window pad because i would need to cut cable by cable so i am hopping this is not an issue but that is something will i have to consider if there is nothing else to check :/
does anyone can tell me whats the exact fuse that i have to check?

Thank you!!! guys before hand.
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