1. J

    Engine Fan

    Got a 97 GT that we have been restoring for a few years. Finally got it painted and out driving it but not it runs very hot. Started with the basics, new thermostat, Flush the radiator. It the process of doing that we discovered that the fan is not coming on when it warms up. It will come on...
  2. S

    For Sale 95 mustang gt covertable 5.0 new top 115k all stock union mo

    Automatic transmission, 115k miles . It's all stock except a aftermarket radio head unit. Never raced, bought the car from a grocery store manager that used it as a weekend car. It's been sitting since around 2016. Has been garage kept its whole life. For a 24 year old car its clean. Has a...
  3. 9

    over heating help

    new here 95 mustang gt 5.0 .the ole push rod is acting real funny car over heats very fast the gauge says so anyways the coolant is boiling out of rad. just bhad head gaskets replaced on both sides for this very reason and its still doing the same thing new rad new hoes new water pump new...
  4. C

    Rattling noise on deceleration

    Hey guys I have a 95 cobra 5 speed and about a week ago I started noticing a rattling sound coming from the front of the car on deceleration while it gear, it sounds like something loose spinning around. I jacked it up and checked the driveshaft and wheel bearings/such, any idea what it could be?
  5. C

    Electrical Car not recharging !!!!!

    MUSTANG GT 1995 5.0 automatic Yes I’ve seen a lot of similar problems being posted but mine is insane and can not fix the problem!!! This all happened not too long ago as soon as I stopped on the first red light after exiting freeway my car died, before any of this happened I had previously...
  6. C


    Hey guys, new here. Im looking for a red steering wheel for my 1995 GTS. Please let me know if you have one or know where to get one. Thanks!
  7. T


    Hi so I have a 2000 Mustang Gt Manual , and I want to supercharge it I have someone that’s experienced and willing to install it for me For $1100 if I buy the supercharger and the conversion parts , 1st question do you recommend me buying a used supercharger off a 03 Cobra? And will it perform...
  8. D

    O2 sensor harness

    Hey everyone, going to be replacing my o2 sensor harness in the next couple days with an extended one so I can have oxygen sensors, I was looking under the hood/under the car and was wondering Where is the main connector so I can swap them out? I can’t seem to find it... Thanks!
  9. T

    Is my 2000 Mustang Gt broken

    Hi everyone so I just bought this 2000 mustang Gt wrecked and I just noticed that my wheels are too far deep in the wheel well , I’m not sure if it’s just because the wheel is small or one of my struts/springs are damaged from the accident or it just comes like that stock I looked up some other...
  10. nurse

    Upholstery Glue For Foam Swap -- Advice

    Hey all, So a pressing issue I've had since I bought my mustang is that the driver's side seat foam has collapsed on the left, making driving somewhat uncomfortable. I've managed to get my hands on replacement foam from a salvage yard, but I have no idea how to seperate that foam from the...
  11. TTHORNE267

    Engine Trick flow head identification

    Can anyone tell me what kind of heads these are?
  12. M

    update on my mustang/ 3D printed cold air intake

    So it has been a while since I been on here. Last year I posted the updates on the body work for my white 96 3.6. well nov the tranny went out. I ended up just selling it. Well now a friend is giving me a red 96 3.6. I wish it was a GT but its ok. I have some body work to do to it and decided to...
  13. 9

    Questions about seats

    Hi all. First post in a long time. Just bought a 1996 Mystic Cobra after 4 years of not having a Stang. This is my 8th Mustang and i think it might be a keeper. Anyway, one of the things I would like to change are the seats. I'm pretty tall and have always found that the seats in the SN95s...
  14. Colb


    Hey everyone, I bought an intune-I1000 diablosport tuner and have it unlocked and married to my 2002 GT. I recently put long tubes and a catless mid pipe on and I am looking to get a tune that will optimize the car for those long tubes and also turn off the O2’s down stream. I put MIL’s on the...
  15. J

    Need help with a steering rack choice!

    So, just did my homemade rag joint delete because there’s no way I was paying $280 for a solid shaft. That part all went GREAT. However...I didn’t know that the input shaft of our steering racks held fluid so now my rack is shot. I had drilled a 3/8” slot in the input shaft for the lock down...
  16. T

    15k for upgrades

    I have a 1994 Mustang gt and I want to start putting on some serious performances parts but I don’t know where to start. Suggestions on performance mechanics and performance upgrades are needed! Remember that if you tell me about a mechanic make sure they work near me, I’m from Thousand Oaks...
  17. D

    SN95 What should be connected next to the grey connector on top of the Ignition Coil?

    Can anyone ID what is missing from the grey connector on top of the ignition coil? I have tried finding it in images on other cars but have never seen anything like this on any other car that I have found. It's been missing for quite some time and I could not find any mention of it in the Haynes...
  18. no_fox_given

    For Sale 1994 GT 5L Trickflow h/c/i Tremec TR3550 Saleen copy - $7000 (Ann Arbor, MI)

    Asking $7000 firm. Florida car with no rust and in great condition ready to drive anywhere. Installed Parts: Air Intake BBK 8010 Mass Air Meter 76mm Ford CX1842 IAC valve OE AIT sensor Professional Products 70mm throttle body SR performance intake Speed demon heat reflective gold tape...
  19. A

    Auto Trans Slams Downshift

    Hi, I have a 2003 Mustang GT Automatic Transmission with 80k miles. When driving, if I punch the throttle, the car will downshift after a second or so, and it slams when doing so. The slam feels to be in the rear end. It doesnt have any problems downshifting regularly, and upshifting is ok...
  20. A

    2003 GT 4.6 - Best exhaust from 3 options

    Hi, I have a completely stock 2003 Mustang GT 4.6. I have three local exhaust opportunities each at $100 1: Stock system just replacing mufflers with Borla Bullet Style mufflers 2: Stock system with Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers 3: BBK Offroad X pipe 2.5” with Dynomax Super Turbos I’m looking...