SOLD 1995 Twin-Turbo 6-spd

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  1. Contact: Ford Moore (850-420-8555); [email protected]
    1995 Ford Mustang GT
    Mileage: 15-20k on motor 140k on body (odometer reads: 114k)
    VIN: 1FALP42T0SF286333
    Price: $6,000 negotiable

    Buyer pays shipping from Little Rock, AR, picks up in person, or I’m willing to deliver for a 25% non-refundable deposit within 300 miles (bank wire transfer, postal money-order, or paypal accepted, no personal checks). Car can be driven away without worry.

    This is being listed on multiple websites. So interest should be addressed to my email account or a text/call to my cell phone. PMs or posted replies may not receive a response.

    Incon twin turbo kit
    GT40X Aluminum heads (pedestal mount Part number M-6564-E351)
    Edelbrock Performer intake
    stock cam
    FMS 1.72 (fully adjustable) rockers
    chrome valve covers
    FMS lifters
    ARP push rods, and head studs
    ford racing 75mm throttle body

    Walbro GSS340 (255LPH) pump
    Accufab AFPR
    FMS 42 lb/hr injectors

    MSD 6AL ignition system
    Accel high output coil (extra part)
    Brand new Taylor Spiro Pro spark plug wires
    PLX (M500?) wideband O2 sensors with wireless datalogging capability
    Tweecer RT piggyback programmable engine management

    03 cobra 6 speed t-56
    SFI scatter shield bell housing
    Fidanza aluminum flywheel with replaceable inserts
    SPEC stage 3 clutch disk with a Promotion Powertrain (600 ft-lbs) pressure plate
    Promotion Powertrain custom heavy wall aluminum driveshaft
    Promotion Powertrain Billet aluminum clutch quadrant
    Promotion Powertrain Billet firewall adjuster
    Promotion Powertrain adjustable clutch cable w/ heat shield
    Comes with body-matched FR500 wheels
    Stock 2.73 gears (26mpg hwy)

    Mach 460 sound system
    Sony Xplode head unit
    Digital Wideband AFR Gauge
    ’02 GT 6-way adjustable seats with corresponding brackets

    Exterior stuff:
    - Projector style halo headlights
    - Awesome VIS Carbon Fiber heat extractor hood
    - Fiberglass side scoops
    - Custom Black Vinyl Hard Top (unique look)
    - Reflective/mirror tinted windows w/ lifetime warranty
    - Flaming pony front emblem

    Bad Stuff:
    - A/C system: dryer and electronics are still on car. All of the original A/C parts (compressor, condenser, lines, etc…) come with the car. The parts were removed because the incon kit required a swap to a ’93 accessory setup. I have 90% of the brackets and parts needed to do the swap… just haven’t done it. Everything works and comes with the car.
    - ABS light is on
    - Speedo is inop due to compatibility issue with ’03 Cobra transmission ($200 fix)
    - missing 3rd brake light on trunk
    - tires have low tread
    - Interior: Much of the interior was removed as I worked on the car through the years, and was not reinstalled. As I moved around, I do not have the interior pieces anymore. It needs rear seats, kick panels, lower door seal plates, all plastics from from driver’s seat back including the trunk. However, the dash, center console, and door panels are still in place. The passenger airbag was removed (not deployed) for a game console that was installed, but no longer present. For aesthetics, a replacement cover or air-bag should be reinstalled. The seats have cracking, but are still fully functional and comfortable.

    Good stuff:
    Car is rust free, No dents, no dings, panels line up nicely. Engine in excellent mechanical condition. The car runs strong, and sounds badass. It is a daily driver that needs very little to be in top form. The car has not been dynoed, but this setup made 420rwhp in my old fox-body at 9.5 psi. In this motor, it’s pushing 10.5 psi, and has run fine for 3 years and 15k miles or so.

    This car looks good, and is awesome. If you want some affordable, unique, and tastefully modified old-school Ford muscle that's ready to destroy the latest and greatest factory offerings, don't waste your time and money building this car from scratch. Give me a call.
    SR71.JPG Rear.jpg
  2. Updated pics (taken 12FEB12)
  3. Car is now in Little Rock AR. Ran fantastic the whole way and still does. Fresh oil change last week with valvoline max life and motorcraft oil filter.
  4. Like the car man,just looking for some more specific info...Regular 5.0 block or the high strength model,forged internals, horsepower potential while still staying reliable?Guess that goes back to my first two questions.Pics of the car with the fr500's would be nice to.Noticed the piggyback computer so i'm assuming all the tuning is spot on,no idling or drivability problems?Looks as though the suspension,brakes, internals of the rear end are all original.Noticed the 420h.p. my 06 gto had 430 whp but it was all up high,i'm thinking because your turbocharged your power range is broader, also any idea of the torque and at what r.p.m.Thanks for the help man if there is anything else pertinent that you can think of please let me know.Looking forward to hearing back going to be buying something soon..
  5. It's a factory 5.0 block and internals. If you do the research, you'll find that going aftermarket forged internals is a waste of time as the block is the limiting factor. They are living on borrowed time above 500 rwhp as a general rule, although there are some that split at less and live at more.

    You can do research here at this site or many others to verify what I'm saying. Keys to keep 5.0s living long and healthy lives are: keep rpm down (6000 and below), limit hp to 500-ish, and keep the tune conservative (11.5-12:1 AFR). Turbos are very easy going power makers for a few reasons: they are typically intercooled as in this car's case which significantly deters the possibility of detonation, they place no added strain on the crankshaft like a blower does, and there is no associated parasitic loss, as with blowers. For example, when a blower makes 500rwhp, the engine is working harder because the blower may take 50-100hp just to turn the pulley. Conversely, a turbo has no parasitic loss.

    The turbos in this car spool at around 2200 rpm, and the low-end torque comes in surprisingly quick. The old combo's torque peaked at around 500 lb-ft between 3500-4000 rpm, and the HP climbed to a little over 5000 rpm (stock cam). Due to the weight difference, I'd bet this car would feel like a rocket when compared with the similarly powered GTO given the difference in torque curves.

    The tune's drivability and WOT work very well. I believe "spot on" depends on driver's preference, but the beauty of this set up is that you can change your tune on the fly to suit your own preference. Driveability feels very similar to stock - the tune differs very little out of boost.

    The brakes, suspension, and rear end are original. All modifications done to the car are listed barring an exception here or there that I forgot. The car would obviously benefit from these additions, but consider too that turbos love load, and even with 2.73s, the car will spin Mickey Thompson ET streets in first and second gear. I'll get some pictures together of the new wheels for you.
  6. Price update - $7k. In two weeks, if I don't get any reasonable offers I'll post the car on ebay and take anything more than I've been offered by a dealer. So, make me an offer.
  7. Wow. This car is worth so much more than I'm asking. $6k.... first person who offers that can come get the car.
  8. What is needed to have operational AC? So ou know why is the ABS light on?
  9. Car is sold.
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