Expired 1999-2001 Cobra Engine

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  1. Hi everyone, long story short I built my dad a cobra engine using a teksid block from a mark viii. Well his car was rear ended and was totaled. So now he is the proud owner of a 2012 mustang gt and I'm stuck with his motor. I'm building myself a 3v and after debating which one to keep I've decided to keep the 3v and sale the 4v.

    The motor is pretty much done now. What I have is: 2001 cobra C heads refurbished, 2001 cobra intake manifold with egr/tb/fuel rail w/ injectors, pretty much everything that goes on the intake manifold, 1996 teksid aluminum block bored 30 over (helps the motor breath) with 6bolt crank new bearings new tty bolts, new freeze plugs. 2001 flat top pistons with rods 30 over with rings and new AARP cap bolts and new bearings, basically its a long block. 1996 mark viii valve covers painted blue but poorly painted, blue is coming off. All the timing components/ new chain guards/ timing cover/ new tty bolts, and its on and timed. Enginetech head bolts, Enginetech 2 packages of gaskets/ upper half/ lower half of motor. Spark plug wires, set up in the spark plug wire separators, all you have to do is plug them in. The rest of the nuts and bolts are in bags labeled. I have all the misc parts that bolt to the block minus the oil pan and pick up tube, The timing cover will not be bolted on, , its your responsibility to check everything, the oil pan also wont be on so feel free to check all the main caps and rod bearings. You're getting a long block with the intake and timing already set.. The most where the heads, they where sent in taken apart, cleaned, inspected, measured and put back together, the heads also have new chain tensioners. Text or call me at (76o-887-67o5) for pictures of anything you want or for any info. This is a great motor upgrade for sn95 GT's or even New edge GT's, you can't go wrong with an all aluminum dual overhead cam 4.6. I've spent well over $4500 and I really spared no expense on this because it was for my dad.

    I am coming down on the price from $3000 to $2700. If you need it shipped we can work out some thing.

    Victorville California 92395
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