2.3 N/A INTAKE write up

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  1. I have a 1989 mustang that used to have a 2.3L in her (now under construction) but while i was crusin the four cylinder, i of course was in the need of more power... The first place i started was with the intake and intake silencer.

    I basicially ripped out the complete air intake system all the way back to the throttle body. Once there, I found out that the rubber elbow that attaches the throttle body to the intake tube has an inner diameter ob about 3.5 inches. I then invested in 18" worth of 3.5" outer diameter exhaust pipe and found a k&n that fit on the 3.5" pipe. Once the new intake was thrown in there, i needed to keep it steady, so i used some wire to wrap around the exhaust and went from the fender to the electric fan bracket.

    The pics below give you a descent idea of what it all looked like.













    I defenately heard a noticable difference. Cant honestly say that i felt that big of a difference, but in the end, i had intake, exhaust, and other minor stuff done that made her sound and pull a little better than stock.

    I have a video that i can hopefully get up here pretty soon.

    I am putting a 351w in this car and the intake is no longer in service, so if any one is interested, PM me and let me know... Thanks, Darren

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  2. I got to get rid of my intake silencer.
  3. yeah...like i say, it really opens it up, but it really didnt seem to make that great of a difference. Then agian, on a 88 hores power motor, the little changes can make a difference.
  4. Reminds me when my buddy put an after market air cleaner on his 62 Fairlane (260 2V). It sure seemed a lot faster 'cause of the sound. Before that we thought we were cheatin when we flipped the air filter lid upside down!
  5. Im getting rid of the silencer. I just ordered a cold air intake.
  6. Which one? I ordered the one from mustangs unlimited. We'll see how it is later this spring when I can get my car out. :D

  7. I got it yesterday after four weeks of waiting. Im putting it in sunday.
  8. it really helps having that extra airflow.that silencer is a joke.
  9. Blue Notch- it looks like the kit from MU mounts the filter in the fenderwell... is that right?
  10. I got mine today, but I'm not sure exactly how it goes just yet. But it looks just like this, only a blue filter: [​IMG]
  11. I got mine on yesterday. Check out the pics.

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  12. I re used one of the rubber elbows as a spacer so the filter would fit.

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  13. Have you noticed anything? I won't get to drive mine for at least another month.
  14. You need to put a bigger throttlebody on it , that little thing chokes the crap out of it .
    You have that big pipe and filter and then it goes to the little hole in the end .
    but looks good though.

  15. I didnt notice that big of a difference, I think it seems to help on the freeway.

  16. Where do I get a TB that doesnt cost $400?
  17. well, you can hand fab an adaptor to put a 5.0 T/B on it, or else you can swap one off a 2.3 turbo car. (pretty sure that will work)

  18. I found this at forced4: "65mm 94-95 Throttle Body

    Dyno prove to add Add 5-7 HP on a stock 2.3T. Enjoy power gain and improved throttle response with the 94-95 60mm throttle body.

    Polished 65mm Ford throttle body. Sensors are not included. Stock SVO sensors can be transfered to this unit so pigtail modification is not necessary. New TPS and IAT are available in the stock replacement section. $239.95"