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  1. Hi guys,

    What's the typical retail for an 84 GT turbo engine and computer harness with computer, vam w/air box and map sensor. Recently I've become interested in these motors and I found one for sale. I would hate to over pay for one. I'm assuming prices are probably different depending on where you live. I'm in Georgia. Any input would be great, thanks!

    -Garrick A.R.
  2. I've seen them go for as little as $150 and as high as $1000 on ebay. I bought mine for $300, but it was out of a TurboCoupe and had an auto computer.
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  4. I wouldnt pay more than 350 tops. go ahead and assume that at the very least the turbo will need to be rebuilt.
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  5. I paid a premium for the 2.3 T out of an 86 SVO when I was considering using the engine in the red car. I paid 1000.00

    What I got was a blown engine (one rod bearing was spun)
    A worn out chinese t-3 turbo.
    A highly suspect Turbonetics delta gate
    A who knows what this is BOV
    a SS header.
    A Chinese A2A IC, and all of the piping to plumb it.

    The engine had forged pistons

    I chose........................poorly.

    To further heap on to my bad investment, I bought a B134 DOHC Volvo head for the thing.

    Another 300.00.

    When I decided to install the mod motor instead, I sold all of the turbo engine junk except the Volvo head for 600.00.

    So My take on it is that a running, salvageable 2.3T is worth 500.00


    I still have the Volvo head.

    Anybody want to buy a B134F Volvo head to convert a 2.3 over to DOHC?

    I'll sell it cheap.
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  6. :lol:
  7. Garrick, you must either have the deepest pockets of anyone on this forum or the worst case of automotive A.D.D. i've ever seen. lol
    Your building a budget street supercharged carb engine, a 900rwhp standalone setup and now a turbo 4 cyclinder all at the same time?

    For the record, if you were actually considering the #2 option, the turbo engine will cost less than you are going to pay for just the throttle body for 900rwhp. So don't sweat it.

    While i'm just messing with you (sort of), you sure as hell have some different taste in setups.
    Can't wait to see what you actually land up with.
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  8. Ah, thanks for moving the thread noobz. Also thanks for the advice guys. I had a guy selling his 2.3t with harness, computer, and a little Garrett m10 turbo (needed rebuilt). Needless to say I have passed on it as he was asking to much. Well it wasn't to much, but I fear what happened to @madmike1157 would happen to me. I was merely asking because I didn't want to pass up on what I thought to be a good deal. I'm pretty stuck on just building something right the first time instead of just hoping an older motor holds together.

    @2000xp8 Definitely! Ha-ha I have held off on the carbed blower setup as I'm waiting on the DIY Dart short block to arrive. I probably will just sell the blower to fund some house upgrades. I was interested in the 2.3T motor for another car that I'm still trying to locate. As of right now the only build that's going to happen is the Dart build. I'm sure you guys don't want to here this on SN as it is non stang related... Got a few Miata buddies and while I'm searching for one, I have been entertaining myself with various swaps that are possible. I'm looking at the Ford 2.3T, a Mazda 1.8 with a turbo, or possibly an LS swap if I can swing it. There's a couple Miata's I'm looking at now for sale locally that are pretty beat up for about $700-$1000. P.S. XFI 2.0 is definitely going to go on the 427 :D

    Thanks again guys for the price suggestions on the 2.3T motors.

    -Garrick A.R.