2.3t miata?

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by KurtPB, May 17, 2007.

  1. i know this would be better asked on a miata forum but i'm too lazy to find one and register(at least i'm honest). anyways, i've been thinking of what to do with my '88 TC driveline(besides the t5, i'm going with a c4) and i've been thinking a miata would be awesome. i know the monster 5.0 miatas are super quick and a hoot with only a 53/47 weight distribution. i know a good amount of power could also be squeazed out of the 2.3t's.

    my question is how... oh, practical(?) would it be doing the wiring and whatnot? i know i can get some help with mounting the motor/tranny from my dad(retired from demo derby, he has a good deal of experience with fabrication). with that said, my biggest concern is the wiring, the c4 fitting in the tranny tunnel, and does anyone know if an 8.8" straight axle rear would fit or should i go 7.5"? thanks. oh, and i'm looking at 94-95 models.
  2. Is there even room for a RWD transmission and driveshaft underneath?
  3. umm... a miata is rwd. i'm on miata.net and someone has done it over there.
  4. Sorry....should've clarified: I meant are you sure THAT (C4) tranny fits? If you figure it out or head forward with the swap, keep this thread updated. It'd be a sweet project to watch unfold.
  5. well maybe if it'd be no problem/if it's still around next year(mar/apr) 'cuz that's when i'll have the miata, haha. i'm waiting till after AIT so i can afford a good straight, low mileage car. also, on the c4, i'm not sure. we have one lined up that if we take out a motor/ecu, the guy will give us the TC('84 auto, 3spd so i'm assuming c4) and rest of the drivetrain.
  6. IIRC, those Monster Miata kits can oftentimes make a 302 fit under the stock hood. I think it basically consists of a new crossmember and a few related minor bits, plus you'll probably need a custom driveshaft. I'm pretty certain that if a T-5 fits in there, then a C-4 should, but don't quote me on it.

    A turbo 2.3 would be a waste on those, IMHO. If you want a turbo four-banger, just slap one on the stock Miata motor (or one with slightly beefed-up internals) and be done with it - the cost/labor would be way cheaper, the handling would be better than with a V8 swap, and it'd sound about the same as a Ford 2.3t, anyway ... that is, of course, if you're into the angry bumble-bee sound. :D
  7. a local shop owner has a miata. he was going to do a 5.0 swap, but decided the added weight was not worth ~300 hp (bolt on 5oh without power adder). he went turbo. its bad ass, and is a total sleeper running 12s!
  8. ^^ i wouldnt mind a turbo kit if i wanted a 5spd which i dont and i rant more in the below paragraph.

    the monster kits come with practically everything you need for the swap besides motor/ecu/tranny/rear. the reason i dont want to go with a turbo kit is how high you have to rev to get power, the good turbo kits replace the factory ecu and the replacement ecu's dont run the tranny so you'd need a 5spd(which, i dont want one so dont try), and they dont make the 269hp at the wheels. i am still considering getting a monster kit and that added weight is only 250lbs which most 5.0 miata owners say they dont really notice a difference in handling, just that it's a lot more fun to drive.