SOLD 2000 Ford Mustang Gt Nasa Cmc Racer Or Hpde

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Jan 27, 2004

Up for sale is my 2000 Ford Mustang GT Racecar. This car was built for racing in the NASA CMC series. It has an up to date logbook and has passed a 2016 tech inspection. It was last raced at Mid-Ohio April 23-24, 2016. Selling because I don’t have the free time anymore to dedicate to racing with a new family and other new obligations.

The car would be great for HPDE if you are not at the point where you want to race wheel to wheel. I have an extra sparco seat, bracket, and harness that comes with the car that is easily installed if you have a need for an instructor in the car.

The car has been extremely reliable through the time I have owned it. With the car properly prepped, I do not have to worry about anything failing on the car at the track and lose out on track time due to a mechanical failures.

I currently have the car insured and registered in NY so it can be driven legally on the street. It will pass a NYS OBD-II test as it has a stock engine computer. The car does not throw any check engine light codes.

The car retains the stock 2V 4.6L V8. I found that the engine is a ford remanufactured unit that the car had when I bought it. I have no idea of the actual mileage on the engine but it runs strong. I have only used Mobil 1 synthetic in it since I have owned it.

Engine upgrades are mostly bolt ons as that is what is legal for the CMC class. Since it’s not heavily modified you could take this car for service anywhere to diagnose any issues with it. In addition replacement parts are inexpensive and readily available at local auto parts stores.

The shell straight and rust free. The paint on the body panels/fenders match up and look to be all original. The car came with some minor scuffs, scratches, dings from the prior owners but no major damage. Since I have owned the car it has never seen body contact while racing or on the street.

The car does have a clean car fax with no accident records which I have a copy of. I also have a NYS title for the car that is clean with no liens.

I purchased the car in 2009 with approximately 90,000 miles. I started HPDE’s with the car in the spring of 2010, and the build progressed to the point where it was ready for wheel to wheel racing in 2013. I have only been able to do about 3 race weekends per year. The car was not raced in 2015 at all, and I only have done one weekend at Mid-Ohio this year. Currently the car has approximately 95,400 miles, probably 75% track miles and 25% street since I have owned it.

The car weights 3,036 lbs. as it sits without the driver and ¼ tank of gas. There are a number of items that could be removed from the car to get the weight lower like the stock blower unit, emergency brake, etc. It’s nice to have a functioning defroster unit when racing in the Northeast though.

The car made 253 HP & 277 TQ on the track dyno at Mid-Ohio when it came right off the track after a 35 minute race. The car made 252 HP & 287 TQ on a previous dyno. My best time was 1:42 racing at Mid-Ohio pro course this April, I was a bit rusty though not racing for over a year. My best time at Watkins Glen was a 2:17.

The cage was built out of .120 wall 1 ¾” DOM tubing. It’s a very well built cage with all the joints tig welded besides the base plates. It was built to NASA specifications plus it has some extra bracing which includes a dash bar, FIA bars, and a roof diagonal brace.

The suspension has been completely upgraded with items legal for racing in CMC. Every suspension item was either upgraded or replaced. Lots of Maximum Motorsports parts and Ford Racing parts were used. Recently the upper & lower torque boxes were reinforced. The car uses the Brembo front brake kit from a 2000 Cobra R and has custom cooling ducts & cobra rear brakes.

The stock side windows in the car can be inserted easily to keep the car dry. I have an open trailer so I keep them in when it’s trailered and remove them at the track. They do not roll down.

Overall the car is reliable, safe, uncomplicated, competitive, and a blast to drive. Turnkey car for someone to race at the next NASA event or great for someone who wants track something without worrying about mechanical failures, safety, or damaging a high priced car.

I’m more than willing to answer any questions about the car, please email [email protected] rather than private message

Asking Price as it sits $15K

Photos here Mustang GT

Walkaround video here


Below is a list of all the installed parts and what I paid for them for reference. Prices do not include and installation fees with the exception of the roll cage. I have a binder with receipts for the majority of items purchased for the car and maintenance records. The car comes with three sets of wheels, the RPF1s have RRs with two race weekends on them, the Konigs have RA1s used for rains, and the Cobra Rs have older RA1s that can be used for practice.

Installed Part Price
Koni Sport Shocks $ 475.92
H&R Super Race Springs $ 203.31
Maximum Motorsports sway bar links and bushings $ 63.43
Maximum Motorsports Extreme Duty Rear Lower Control Arms $ 339.95
Maximum Motorsports Differential Bushing for Upper Control Arm & Tool $ 64.90
Maximum Motorsports Panhard bar $ 339.95
Maximum Motorsports Full Length Subframe connectors $ 119.00
Ford Racing Rear Upper Control Arms $ 239.97
Ford Racing front lower control arms $ 199.95
Wild Rides Torque Box Reinforcement Kit $ 159.95
BBK Caster/Camber Plates $ 229.99
Ford Racing Cobra R Front Brembo Brake Kit $ 1,019.00
Midcontinent Mustangs Brake Duct Kit $ 125.00
Ford Racing Cobra Rear Brake Bracket Kit $ 167.93
Ford Racing Cobra Rear Calipers $ 231.90
PRB Machining ABS Delete Manifold $ 128.00
Canton Rear Sump Road Race Oil Pan $ 379.88
MOOG tie rods, FEL PRO Oil Pan Gasket, Coyles chain guides $ 181.62
Anchor Motor Mounts $ 61.71
Ford Racing A/C Eliminator Kit $ 54.83
Maximum Motorsports Clutch Quadrant & Firewall Adjuster $ 97.75
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch $ 331.29
Steeda Quick Release Quadrant $ 60.32
OEM FordClutch Cable $ 64.36
Throwout & Pilot Bearings, trans seal $ 41.78
Flywheel Resurface $ 34.80
Delphi Fuel Pump $ 95.31
Racetech 4009 HR & Aluminum Brackets $ 1,611.15
Used Sparco EVO II & Brackets for Passenger $ 459.99
G-FORCE 1/2" Harness Eye Bolts (8) $ 49.97
Schroth Profi II-6 HANS $ 357.30
Full Rollcage & Install $ 2,200.00
Rollbar Padding $ 87.95
Sparco Steering Wheel $ 199.99
Momo Steering Wheel hub $ 74.99
Autometer Phantom Oil & Water Temp Gauges $ 126.90
Summit Racing Battery box & Eye Bolts $ 156.86
Fire Extinguisher $ 28.26
Longacre Spot Mirror $ 44.99
Summit Racing Driveshaft loop & Hood Pins $ 50.27
Summit Racing Ignition Coils & Master Switch $ 223.97
Battery Fuse $ 10.99
Master Switch wire covers $ 15.32
Window Net & Tow Loops $ 133.34
BBK Full Length Headers $ 499.95
BBK X-pipe $ 169.98
Flowmaster Cat Back $ 481.97
Steeda Underdrive Pulleys $ 169.95
JLT Ram Air Intake $ 229.99
C&L Upper Intake Plenum $ 159.99
SR Performance 75mm Throttle Body $ 129.99
Moroso Extended Wheel Studs Front & Rear $ 79.96
Konig Villains 17x9 $ 600.00
Ford Racing Cobra R Wheels 17x9 $ 490.00
Enkei RPF1 17x9.5 38 MM $ 979.99
Toyo RR 275/40/17 $ 992.64
Toyo RA1 275/40/17 $ 910.24
AMB Direct Wire Transponder $ 475.00
TOTAL = $ 17,713.69
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