2000 mustang part out + a few sets of sn and fox taillights

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  1. I have a very nice 2000 Mustang V6 to part out.. interior looks very nice and the body is nice..the car was prepped for paint work before we got the car...divers side fender got damaged when we moved it and hoo and front bumper have been sold.. i can post more pics of any items you want upon request.. i will post better/more pics later tonight or tomorrow in the morning. here she is

    c pillars


    side scoops

    passenger mirror


    the headliner in this car is in mint condition. I will get a good pic of it later today...the rest of the interior pieces would look brand new with a wipe down and some armor all...

    the drivers seat recliner seems broken and the seat itself bends in a weird position to where i believe it is broke, but the cloth can be salvaged off of it.. passenger side seems fine....the carpet definitely needs cleaned...not sure how good it would look afterwards though...

    The car has a V6 in it that is a Jasper built motor/heads..it has a chrome bbk knockoff cold air intake and what look to be bbk aluminum underdrive pullies..

    there is a flimsy area on the drivers side door (circled) feels almost like the cover is peeling off the backing....not sure if that just how they feel when they are off the car or if it needs fixed...

    the rear bumper is in perfect shape and is prepped/primered for paint.

    we also have a few sn's on the lot so if there is anything needed off those ask and ill see if i can get it for you

    sn tails:



    all lenses are nice and clear just dirty but the rest of the taillight could use a nice paint job...i will clean all lenses before shipment

    I aslo have a fox body convertible..i have the GT Side skirts/scoops and rear bumper to it...they are in very nice condition and will post pics of those up as well..

    3rd brake light to fox


    i have the other taillight to it as well but it is off the car and need to get a pic of it

    let me know if there is anything you need :beer:
  2. i also have the headlights and 3rd brakelight to the gold car
  3. make offers on anything...id rather the parts be used than be wasted in the crusher
  4. can i get the gauge cluster for $20
  5. Headlights on the gold car still available/usable?
  6. Is the wiper cowl on the 2000 still in tact ?
  7. sorry for the late replies, moved and had no internet connection for a bit

    will $25 shipped work?

    passenger side is in good shape and ill take pics for you today, drivers side has a chip in the lens

    wiper cowl is cracked
  8. is the passanger airbag any good and so u possibly have the driver one? please let me knoe as soon as possible
  9. passenger is good, drivers side is out of the car
  10. do you have a good trunk lid with spoiler for an SN.. plus any black interior,
  11. All deck lids are good...im pretty sure they all have spoilers....their just dirty....no dents or anything..ill take a few pics today if you would like

    i think they all have black interior actually...ill get some pics of the interiors too!
  12. 30 dollars for the shifter bezel
  13. i need a drivers side tail light for 99. if you still have one let me know the price shipped.
  14. PM sent

    pm sent
  15. How much are you asking for a right and left sn tail light? Preferably in laser red if you have them or just pm me when you do get a set in. PM me with your asking price since I don't check here too often. Thanks.
  16. Do you have the black plastic wiper cowl that will fit a 2001? If so, how much shipped to 72223?
  17. holy crap i forgot about this thread....headlights are sold and the cowl panel i have is cracked as well
  18. third brake light on gold car still available?
  19. Intrested in all the interior for the 2000 stang. Please let me know if you have any of it. Thanks
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