2001 Cobra colors

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  1. Thinking of picking up a '01 Cobra 'vert.

    Can someone tell me the colors they were available in?

    Also, was the 6-disk changer available in '01? Was it standard in the Cobra?
  2. Cobra Coupe:
    Black 979
    White 373
    Yellow 347
    Grey 514
    Performance Red 226
    Laser Red 556
    Blue 316
    Silver 556
    TOTAL: 3867

    Cobra Convertible:
    Black 942
    White 343
    Yellow 347
    Grey 514
    Performance Red 130
    Laser Red 548
    Blue 292
    Silver 431
    TOTAL: 3384

    Yes the CD6 was standard in 01
  3. That's it? Just 3300 convertibles made? I have my work cut out for me finding one in the color i want
  4. D!ck....:p :nice:
  5. The 6 CD changer was definitely available for 01, but I'm not for certain if it was optional or standard. I'm guessing it was standard thinking back to the window sticker.

    BTW, what color are you looking for?
  6. Well, i have no real preference as they all look good, but i was thinking of the mineral gray or silver. I have seen Mineral Gray GT's and Silver GT's with black tops and love the look. Black is also an option but i already have a black stang and know the toture of keeping it clean. Yellow and red are also on my list, but kinda 50/50 due to being a tad too flashy maybe?

    I'm just seeing what is out there. I kinda want to buy myself a new mustang around April. It's either '01 Cobra vert or '03/04 Mach 1. I kinda have always wanted a convertible, but the new mach is coupe only, so an '01 is close enough.

    Oh yeah, what interior colors are there? I know the seats have the suede inserts, but all the cobras i have seen have had the graphite interior

    Anyone have pics of a mineral gray '01 cobra? never seen one
  7. The only other interior color is Medium Parchment, which is what mine has.
  8. i like yellow but i did look a mineral grey one and damn was it sharp!!!
  9. Not a vert, but its Mineral Gray with the Parchment.
  10. There are a few of 'em floating around...............:D


    a few more pics at the link in my sig..................;)

    BTW- 6-disc CD changer was standard in the '01's and the only two interior colors were dark charcoal and medium parchement (sp ?).

    Interesting trivia note: the '01's are the rarest production Cobras available since Ford swapped to the 4.6L /32v motor from the 5.0's.......... obviously not including the 2000 R's, which weren't 4.6's anyway.
  11. Here is a convertible for ya......

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  12. I like!

    I've been looking though, only colors i seem to find are black, red and a couple white ones.

    I see that one is missing the spoiler. Wasn't that the only real option for the Cobras?
  13. damn that thing looks clean without the wing........ :worship:
  14. Thanks, I used to debate on getting a wing.......I think I'll leave her "wingless".
  15. I know this sounds dumb, but what is the difference between the interiors? Also, are the 01 and 03 Cobra the same color silver...the satin silver?
  16. I see the Cobra in your sig......but only a Lightning in your pics???

  17. I'll have pics come spring time:)
  18. The basic differences in the interior of the 01 and 03 are relatively minor with the seats the dominate difference. The seats in both are similiar but have some differences. They both have the leather/alcantara surfaces with the Cobra logo stitched in the seatbacks. The 01 seats have more leather around the front portion of the seat bottoms. The 03 seats are more alcantara. The bottoms of the 03 seats are bolstered on the sides a bit more than the 01s and the side bolstering has power adjustability.